Harmonize’s new bae accuses Hamisa, Rayvanny of getting student daughter drunk

What you need to know:

  • In a video clip that was shared on social media, which has angered many Tanzanians, musician Rayvanny can be seen kissing 18-year-old Paula.

Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala Masanja on Sunday accused Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto and singer Rayvanny of allegedly getting her student daughter Paula drunk and recording her.

In a video clip that was shared on social media, which has angered many Tanzanians, musician Rayvanny can be seen kissing 18-year-old Paula.

Rayvanny, however, deleted the video shortly afterwards.

In a lengthy post, Kajala said that on February 9, she allowed Hamisa to take her schoolgoing daughter for lunch but she took her to Rayvanny’s house, where they allegedly got her drunk and then recorded her.

“I am a parent who raises my child in a very difficult situation due to one or two differences with the child’s father but I have struggled to give her everything she wanted so that she could fulfill her dreams as a girl and so that I can rely on her in the future,” she wrote.

“On the 9th at 6pm, Hamisa Mobetto asked for permission to take my child for lunch, I didn’t see the need to refuse because I knew she was a parent, who also has a baby girl. But on that day, she took advantage and took her to meet Rayvanny for their personal benefit, they lured a child by giving her alcohol and they recorded a dirty video,” posted Kajala.

The actress also added, “If I am weak and I can’t do anything then fear God and if you don’t fear Him, you are not afraid of the government? Leaking the video without fear when it is a child, in the next six months she will be in form 5.

She said she is hurt by the actions of Hamisa, a fellow parent.

“Even if it was Paula who told her they go and meet Rayvanny, she is a parent and she should have worn my shoes and asked herself what is going to happen. Or if it was her, how was she going to feel if I did the same?” she posed.

She is now appealing to the relevant Tanzanian authorities intervene in this matter, even as Hamisa denied the claims terming them pure lies and threatened to sue Kajala.

Hamisa maintains that she took Paula for lunch then dropped her off at her mother’s gym.

“Even if Hamisa Mobetto is the ugly place where you dump your garbage it has to stop. Kajala on the 9th your child asked me to take her for lunch. I told her I had to talk to you first, and I called you and you saw that it was alright.

“Don’t you see you’re lying publicly without fear? The day I went with Paula, did she have the same hair in the videos? I beg to be blamed for accepting the request to take your child for lunch and not otherwise,” she posted.

“I am a mother, a business person, stakeholder and ambassador for various companies. I have built my brand for a long time, so I would like to be respected and not tarnished by false accusations like these. I am also a parent and a child to my mother just like you,” she added.

She has threatened Kajala with legal action over the allegations.

“You’ll hear from my lawyer. Rest assured I will not let this pass in vain, I think it will be a good lesson and for those who have grown to tarnish my name with their nonsense,” Hamisa added.

Hamisa is a businessman in Tanzania and gained fame from her modelling and video vixen roles and her fame rose drastically after featuring in Diamond Platnumz’s song Salome.

It later emerged that the two were in a relationship and even welcomed a son before calling it quits.

Kajala, who was widely believed to be Faraji Chambo’s wife, is now in a relationship with Harmonize.