Nigerian singer Davido donates Sh1.4 billion to orphanages

Saturday November 20 2021

Nigerian singer Davido

By Agencies

Lagos. Nigerian singer Davido has donated all the money he received during his 100M challenge ahead of his birthday.

In a statement issued on Saturday, November 20, 2021 Davido noted that he received 200 Million Naira from fans and friends.

The artiste said he did not expect the massive response he received from Nigerians, who sent him not just millions but also little tokens to express their love and support.

He said: ” I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my friends, colleagues, fans and the public for the generous expression of love in recent days. In my usual playful manner, I requested, a few days ago, that my friends and colleagues send money in celebration of my birthday.

“The response exceeded my expectations, as I received more than N200m in less than two days. I truly appreciate everyone who donated a hard-earned fund, and I am very thankful for your generosity.

I have always been passionate about giving back and helping people. In view of this, I am delighted to announce that all the funds received, totalling N200m, will be donated to orphanages across Nigeria, as well as Paroche foundations. In addition, I will be making a personal donation of N50m, making it a total of N250m,” he wrote.