Samia: The kind of police force I would like to see in Tanzania


  • The President wants an overhaul of the business-as-usual operations within the force, a move that may make it one of the best in the region

Dar/Moshi. President Samia Suluhu Hassan has described the country’s police force that she desires, naming administrative and technical problems as factors affecting its effective performance.
The president said yesterday, when gracing the beginning of a three-day seminar for senior police officers themed “Reinforcement of safety and security in alignment with the advancement of science and technology,” calling for the force’s reforms.
“I am pleased that some of my directives have been worked on, but to be honest, the force faces two problems which are related to administrative and technical, which affect its performance. I am aware that some reforms are undertaken, but I want to see a general overhaul,” President Hassan instructed.
President Hassan added: “There is unethical financial practices, the force doesn’t follow stipulated regulations regarding its expenditure, which has led to unhealthy relations between the ministry of and the force.”

Thereafter, the Commander in Chief, instructed IGP Camilius Wambura said: “I have appointed you from among them, make sure you work on this issue, there should be mutual relations between the ministry and the force. Besides, all financial regulations should be observed,”
According to the President, when it comes to financial mismanagement, she revealed that there are at least three funds, of which one is paid to a police officer after the death of a member of his/her family since the said money is deducted from their salaries, yet few benefit as no financial report has been made known.
She also explained how the money derived from traffic fines, levies and from economic activities such as security protections to banks and other entities is also missing from the force’s accounts as they would have helped the force in executing minor issues.
“There is zero discipline with finance, there are no tangible answers from responsible personnel, and I am told when CAG – Controller and Audit General summons them for explanation, no one responds, they are afraid, they don’t show up,” She doubted.
President Hassan directed the Director of Criminal Investigations, Mr Ramadhan Kingai to ensure that he has conducted thorough investigations and accumulated enough evidence before arresting an accused person.
She said it was due to a lack of evidence that cases involving 1,840 accused persons had to be dropped. By arresting them, said President Hassan, the government incurred costs aimlessly.
The other area that President Hassan hinted was in relation to fuel whereby it is used on private owned vehicles.
“I have evidence...with number-plates, the fuel allocated for the police to execute their operations smoothly, are being filled on commuter buses that some of you own. IGP, you are to stop these unimaginable acts. Including the sale of police uniforms,” The President demanded
The President expounded that the jungle green is sold to the fire and rescue force while the blue uniform is sold in various parts of the country and that police crowns are sold to the immigrations force and that only khaki uniform is safe as it is widely known to belong to the force,” she noted.
The President urged police administration to consider the geographical features of Zanzibar for the country’s safety as the Zanzibar Archipelago consists of several islands, yet the force lacks a mechanism to guard the rest of the islands.
President Samia was saddened by the fact that some police officers have never acquired additional training since being recruited into the force saying: “This is why some of our officers are unethical, you sometimes wonder how they were enrolled, do we have nepotism in our recruitment process?”
Therefore, the President urged the force to re-examine itself adding that: “I have commissioned former Chief Justice Mohamed Chande to head the reform committee, its members include former IGP Said Mwema, Ernest Mangu and others, I want a total and complete reform with the [police force.”
Earlier IGP Wambura explained that the force is determined to work on all directives as well as making sure the force reverts to its core business of protecting ‘wananchi’ and their properties by utilizing Information Technology (IT) systems that are there for its disposal.