Tanzania's climate change adaptation efforts earn recognition


Delegates visit one of the projects in Dodoma.

What you need to know:

  • The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities adapt to the negative impacts of climate change.

Dar es Salaam. The National Environment Management Council (NEMC) received international praise for its effective management of climate change funds and oversight of adaptation projects funded by the Adaptation Fund.

Nemc said in a statement that representatives from 34 countries gathered in Dodoma for the annual Adaptation Fund summit.

The event brought together environmental watchdogs and climate experts from the National Implementing Entities (NIEs) of the fund to discuss progress on climate adaptation projects and build capacity among developing nations.

The Adaptation Fund Country Coordinator, Mr Fredrick Mulinda, commended NEMC for its exemplary work in implementing climate change projects in Tanzania.

He highlighted that visiting countries are eager to learn from NEMC's strategies and project designs.

In Tanzania, the Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities adapt to the negative impacts of climate change. Nemc is responsible for managing the Fund’s activities.

"This annual meeting fosters knowledge exchange on climate adaptation project execution," stated Mr Mulinda.

Delegates visited agro-pastoral projects in Kongwa and water harvesting initiatives in Bahi to gain firsthand experience.

The workshop concluded in Arusha, with NIEs sharing their adaptation efforts.

The delegates were impressed with the implementation reports of projects in the Kongwa and Bahi districts in Dodoma Region, Manyoni (Singida), and Nzega (Tabora). These projects focus on enhancing drought resilience for farmers and pastoralists.

In a related development, Tanzania requested expedited reaccreditation from the Adaptation Fund to enable NEMC to continue its climate change adaptation efforts in the country.

NEMC’s Director General, Dr. Immaculate Semesi, emphasised that the meeting is crucial for the Council to gain and share expertise to further the nation’s climate change adaptation efforts.

“This workshop will be a catalyst for the nation in its fight against the challenges posed by climate change,” she remarked.

Permanent Secretary in the Vice President's Office, Engineer Cyprian Luhemeja, called on the Adaptation Fund to continue supporting Tanzania financially for its climate adaptation projects.

He expressed gratitude to the Fund for its financial contributions and assured that the government, through the Vice President's Office, would ensure that the funds are allocated to priority projects identified by the Fund.