Tanzania to host PGA European Tour event

Wednesday November 17 2021
PGA pic

Tanzania Golf Union chairman Chriss Martin takes a shot during a past competition. Tanzania will, for the first time, host the PGA European Tour in April next year at the Kili Golf Course in Moshi. PHOTO | FILE


Dar es Salaam. Tanzania will in April next year host, for the first time, the Professional Golfers’ Association tournament, which is famously known as the PGA European Tour.

This will be history for the country to host a major golf tournament featuring only professional golfers in the world. Tanzania becomes the fifth country in Africa to host the competition. According to a source, each day golfers will compete in 36 holes, whereby prominent golfers from Europe, America and Africa (Sunshine Tour) will gather in the country to contest for the first time.

Already the event has been staged in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa. According to the information received by The Citizen, the event will be held at the Kili Golf course, a 1,040 acre estate situated between Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru. More than 300 foreigners are expected to feature in the competition.

The report says that the event will be staged for four days starting from April 7 next year, whereby professional golfers will compete in 144 hole-stroke play. “It is history for the country since its Independence in 1961. Tanzania is yet to host such a big golf event as a lot of work has been done to secure that chance. Compliments for the Tanzania Golf Union (TGU) for their efforts,” said the source.

The source also said the event director, Andrew McNabola, from International Sports Management (ISM) in the United Kingdoms will arrive in the country on November 22, this year, ahead of the tournament, whose preparations, the source added, normally take six months.

TGU chairman Chriss Martin confirmed the report, saying they will issue a statement after completing various related matters.


“It is true that we will host the event next year. We are currently in its preparations. I cannot reveal full details now, but we will hold a special press conference on the event.

The tournament began in Europe, specifically in Scotland. The first professionals were clubmakers and green-keepers who also taught golf to the wealthy men who could afford to play the game.