How FUCHS is fitting the bill in operational safety

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Safety is a salient aspect in any operation. It is for this reason, why there are myriad of global and local standards accreditation bodies that monitor manufacturing firms’ safe operation.

Wednesday August 25 2021

Safety is a salient aspect in any operation. It is for this reason, why there are myriad of global and local standards accreditation bodies that monitor manufacturing firms’ safe operation.

It is palpably and equally important as quality assurance, and has been the secret behind the successful operations of many of the companies across the world.

All the more, it largely affects customers purchasing decisions as they too often trust service or products from safety—compliant firms than those that don’t.

Against that backdrop, FUCHS – the world’s largest independent lubricant company – is at the fore-front, clearing doubts of the majority of consumers when it comes to operational safety triggered in part by it’s unrivaled lubricants range.

Managing Director of FUCHS Lubricants Tanzania, Salim Janmohamed, is here to provide an insight as to what it is that makes FUCHS one of the world’s leading lubricant companies.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the history of FUCHS

The story of FUCHS begins with our Founder, Rudolf Fuchs, an entrepreneur who was only 21 years old when the company was founded in 1931. He filled high quality lubricants under the brand name PENNA PURA and sold them to transport companies in the harbor of Mannheim in Germany. Even at that stage he put customer needs at the center of his model, personally bicycling to delivery lubricants to customers in urgent need.

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How FUCHS lubricants have transformed rallies to be perceived as one of the enjoyable and safe games to watch in these days.

Q: Why is FUCHS considered one of the leading Lubricant Companies in the world?

A: I believe that we are considered the leading lubricant company because of our strong drive towards innovation and technological advancement.

These are really part of our core values. We have over 500 scientists and engineers working on over 600 research projects in 22 laboratories across the world. What this ultimately means is that we are able put our customer at the center of our business and literally invent solutions for them.

As technology across all sectors advances the requirements for higher performance lubricants increases. Our research and development team and the technology we employ in our lubricant range makes us the number one choice for all clients.

Q: How long has FUCHS been in Tanzania?

A: FUCHS has been servicing Tanzanian customers from all sectors for over 20 years through various distributors but more recently we decided to engage the Tanzanian market directly and for the last few years we have had our FUCHS Lubricants Tanzania offices in Tabata, Dar es Salaam. We currently support clients across all regions and service all the major industries and customers in the country.

Q: Why should Tanzanian companies use FUCHS Lubricants?

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FUCHS Lubricants

A: Quality. Quality. Quality. I cannot stress enough the importance of using top quality lubricants. In many cases customers make the quick decision to save money on their lubricants by choosing the cheaper option but what they save on their lubricant they lose multiple times in their business operations.

When you use a FUCHS Lubricant you can guarantee that you are putting the best quality lubricants in your cars, machines, factories etc. What you are doing is putting the lubricant to work to save you cost over the long run by reducing your maintenance costs, spare parts costs and also the time you lose when your car or machine stops working. When you use FUCHS, you are using a Lubricant manufactured by the world’s largest independent lubricant company, backed by over 90 years of experience. FUCHS is a top quality lubricant you can trust.

Q: Do lubricants play a role in operational safety?

A: Definitely. Referring to my last point, when companies use a top quality lubricant such as FUCHS they experience less breakdowns, less requirements for spare parts and ultimately less time required to service their machines & vehicles. When you minimize the time required to fix your machine or vehicle you lower the overall risk associated with having someone to be there physically working on it.

Let me provide an example with regards to food production. FUCHS is one of the world leaders in food grade lubricants with its CASSIDA range being used in everything including fresh food packaging, bakeries, and even beer production. If you have an operation that is involved in cut-ting or slicing and you have a lower quality or incorrect lubricant, the blade can be damaged and there are chances that the particles from the metal of blade can enter the food during production. This poses a risk to the end consumer. Companies need to use the right lubricant to ensure operational safety.

Q: Thanks for that information. Tell us about some of the accomplishments of FUCHS in recent times?

A: Let me give you two accomplishments: one in Tanzania and one that is out of this world!In Tanzania last month our FUCHS TITAN Rally Team competed in the FIA African Rally Championship. It was our first foray into Tanzanian motorsport. Our driver Raj Singh Deere and co-driver Aaron John had a great performance and set a track record in their CS3 performance. They were second in the National Rally Championship rankings and sixth in the African Rally Championship rankings before bowing out. It was a great first showing and we are extremely excited to leave our mark on the sport in Tanzania. Our team was featured on national television in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the DRC.

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And in February this year our lubricants literally went out of this world! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) successfully landed the Perseverance Rover on the planet Mars and with it, a FUCHS lubricant called Nye-bar Barrier Film. The Barrier film formulation plays a critical role in preventing oil from migrating to the rover’s mast camera and compromising the image. Considering that Mars is currently over 391,000,000 kilometers away, and that NASA has put its trust in FUCHS, it is safe to say that Tanzanian’s can trust they are in good hands when they use FUCHS Lubricants.