Maktech sets the bar, now breaking barriers beyond

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Telecommunications sector and economic prosperity are closely intertwined. It is laid down that telecommunications services are largely on the hands of private sector’s controls out­numbering the...

Telecommunications sector and economic prosperity are closely intertwined. It is laid down that telecommunications services are largely on the hands of private sector’s controls out­numbering the state-owned investments in the country.

The sector which is believed to be one of the basic dynamic in any country’s prospective trajectory in Tanzania is regulated by the National Telecommunications Policy (NTP) of 1997.

Maktech & Tel Co. Limited was founded by Godwin Mak­yao in 2001 who has a clear objective of filling the void left in the telecommunications sec­tor and believes that Tanzania will be a leader amongst African nations in digital data usage and Maktech will be there to make that possible and that is how the journey began.

“We provide secure, reliable, affordable and high-quality tel­ecommunication solutions by creating exceptional value and opportunity to our customers, employees and investors,” says Mr. Makyao.

“Maktech offers a wide-range of quality telecommunica­tion engineering services that includes installation of devices in the towers of which it was once performed by only foreign firms. He further unfolded that there were only South African firms that provided those servic­es by then.”

Maktech began with only four staff and for that reason Mr Makyao had to take control of most of the roles from manage­ment, driving, to clientele doc­umentation. He said that the company continued growing and extended its workforce to 50 staff by the year 2007 and moved on to even start working with other firms.

“I had to stay put in the office and recruit new staff having seen Maktech gathering pace. Glad that we sourced a number of qualified foreign experts who really did us a big favour and from that point, next thing we know we received more jobs,” he said.

“2010 changed the course of our operations as we started that year with more of maintenance works which is required to keep operations up and running. With our increased growth and a solid team of experts to trust, we afforded both active and passive maintenance in style,” he added.


Maktech & Tel Co. Limited Founder and CEO, Godwin Makyao.

In the turn of events, the firm’s expansive portfolio solicited its very first own Network Operat­ing Centre (NOC) management through its 24-hours/7 days of the week shifting team. After that major transformation, new members were added into their dedicated team making it to 170 staff.

“As with strong resolve to move to greater heights, in 2009 we set off to Mozambique for discovering untapped invest­ment opportunities and later opened up the Maktech sub­sidiary only inspired by the fact that some telecoms we worked with in Tanzania had their sol­id existence in Mozambique as well thus making it easy,” Mak­yao explained.

Apart from Mozambique, he also opened subsidiaries in Con­go DRC, Congo Brazzaville and Ethiopia. They both represent the largest brand of Maktech, however, they might differ in terms of operations in relation to each country’s regulations.

He adds that, “I set a clear goal to expand the horizon of my business region-wide and resolved to span the business across seven African counties by 2024 with currently just two countries to go. Secondly, to showcase local flairs and capa­bilities in undertaking mega projects that were previously handled by large foreign firms.”

He says 2024 goals attain­ment to be a threshold of the next move which is to build a stable foundation that would see them transitioning to 5G and 6G technology uptake where the world is currently heading.

Speaking about the Mak­tech’s goals milestone achieved within its 20 years since incep­tion Makyao feels bold but that doesn’t shrug-off his far-reach­ing aspirations yet.

“I have an inclination to leave a lifelong legacy in this indus­try looking at how Maktech has been a good example, referral and orchestrated many others firms. We have proudly achieved our goals to some extent by set­ting bars for other local firms and we are transforming the technological aspect in the country by bringing in innova­tive solutions to the arena”.

He further admits that as a company they are yet to fill the underlying void to the full meas­ures but have made significant strides in service provision. He also sees the sector runs short of technological innovations despite the fact that he has his confidence in locally available gifted tech-savvy Tanzanians whose innovations might be used by the present and future generations.


Maktech granted a license to construct mobile network infrastructure

June, 2021 Maktech was granted a license to officially construct mobile network infra­structure and it stands as the first Tanzanian firm to secure that license.

This license will be the begin­ning of a new chapter in mobile network infrastructure trans­formations the MNO’s would access these services from a local Tanzanian company – a huge relief as they will cut down cost with Maktech.

Maktech will help reduce cost in an exchange of high-pro­file and wide-range of services includes towers, NOC, antenna, other telecommunication facili­ties and technical staff.

In addition to our core servic­es, Maktech has come up with an App called “Tingisha” that connects service providers and end-users in an effort to facili­tate service offering to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

“The App supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by providing them with advertise­ment space. Tingisha creates reliable market and introduces their ventures to potential buy­ers,” added Makyao. It is dubbed “Tingisha” (Swahili term for shake) as it requires one to shake their smartphone to access the catalogue or specific product he/she is looking for in an App.


Within 20 years of its operation in the country, the company has done great endeavors which give them extra stimulus and energy to continue to excel. The first plan was to build trust and cred­ibility to locals and to showcase our capabilities. In addition, providing employment oppor­tunities to Tanzanians.

With the growing necessity to deliver high quality yet cost-ef­fective solutions to the market, Maktech is well positioned to offer a wide range of servic­es in the telecoms sector to all its clients. The highly qualified technical teams combined with the dedicated and experienced management teams ensure methodical and effectual deliv­ery of all our projects.