Weholite Tanks: A Transformative Tale of Clean Water in Uvinza, Tanzania

Local residents inspect the high quality 300,000 litres Weholite Tank.

Uvinza, Tanzania - In the heart of Tanzania’s Uvinza region, where water scarcity has been a pressing challenge for generations, a remarkable story of transformation is unfolding.

The villages of Kandaga and Mlela, once burdened with the arduous task of fetching water, now rejoice as the burden has been lifted with the installation of Weholite Tanks.

This innovative water storage solution has not only reduced the villagers’ travel time significantly but also epitomizes the power of collaboration and innovation in creating lasting change.

For years, the villagers of Kandaga and Mlela had no choice but to trek long distances, spending hours each day, to fetch water for their families.

The absence of nearby water sources meant that clean and safe water was a precious commodity, often out of reach. The toll on the villagers’ health and daily routines was evident, prompting calls for a sustainable solution to their water woes.

The 300,000 litre Weholite Tank fully installed and safely secured.

Weholite, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe emerged as the beacon of hope for the villages. Its durability, flexibility, and non-corrosive properties made it the perfect fit for the challenging environmental conditions of Uvinza.

Moreover, its lightweight construction facilitated easy transportation and installation in the remote villages, offering a promising long-term solution to the water scarcity problem.

The dream of bringing clean water closer to the villagers became a reality through the collaborative efforts of both urban and rural water authorities. The pooling of resources, expertise, and knowledge resulted in an efficient plan to deploy the Weholite Tanks. This synergy exemplifies the strength of partnerships between different stakeholders to tackle crucial issues affecting underserved communities.

Weholite Tanks are made in Plasco Ltd’s World class factory in Dar es Salaam, truly Tanzanian.

Witnessing the completion of the project, Juma Aweso, the Minister of Water, couldn’t hide his excitement.

He praised the dedication of all involved parties and stated, “The successful implementation of Weholite Tanks in Kandaga and Mlela showcases the transformative power of innovation. It highlights the impact that collaborative efforts can have in bringing clean water to the doorstep of those in need.”

At the forefront of implementing the Weholite Tanks project was Plasco Ltd., a company renowned for its commitment to creating positive change through sustainable solutions.

With passion and expertise, they ensured the quick and high-quality installation of the tanks, leaving a lasting impact on the communities they served.

Weholite Tanks are lightweight and quick to install.

With the Weholite Tanks in place, the lives of the villagers in Kandaga and Mlela have been forever changed. The burden of fetching water for hours each day has been lifted, allowing them to focus on other aspects of life, including education and livelihoods. Clean and safe water is now accessible to all, making it a fundamental right for these villages.

The success of the Weholite Tanks project in Uvinza sends a powerful message to other regions facing water challenges. Clean and safe water is a basic human right, and innovative solutions like Weholite offer hope for communities worldwide.

It is a reminder that, through collaboration and innovation, we can create a brighter future, where clean water is within reach of every person on the planet.

As the sun sets over Kandaga and Mlela, the smiles on the faces of the villagers tell a heartwarming tale of transformation - a tale of how the power of innovation and collaboration can bring clean water to the heart of even the most remote communities, providing hope for a better, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Delivery of the first, factory fabricated tank section.

The Public Relations and Marketing Manager of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Mr. Athumani Shariff, states that “The construction schedule for water tanks is often significantly prolonged. Establishing adequately sized tanks in elevated regions is crucial for proper water storage and equitable distribution among citizens.

The construction process usually demands an extended period due to the meticulous attention it requires. The advent of plastic tank construction technology has been highly beneficial, as it shortens the time required for completion and commissioning. Additionally, this technology has eased apprehensions by ensuring the tanks’ safety in terms of their dimensions.”