Youth in Zanzibar express optimism in Mwinyi CCM leadership

President of Zanzibar, Husein Mwinyi

Unguja. On December 7 ruling party Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is set to hold a delegate’s conference at the party’s headquarters in Dodoma and on top of the agenda will be the election of Vice-Chairperson-Zanzibar to replace the retiring Ali Mohamed Shein.

As expected, the current Zanzibar President Hussein Mwinyi  will take over the baton and the Isles’s youth are already full of huge expectations from the incoming deputy chairperson on the isles.

According to them, the youth  are the party's treasure who will be expected to hold  top leadership in the future, so it is up to the party to make sure it lays out good strategies to raise them educationally and to involve them in the activities of the party to gain the required experience.

Speaking to the Citizen at different intervals about the incoming new leadership from the branch level to the national level which is expected to be completed in the next few days in Dodoma, some youth said they are expecting the election of Dr. Hussein Mwinyi to open up more opportunities.

 Kombo Juma Maalim of Kilimani in Unguja, was full of praise for Dr. Mwinyi saying his efforts to create a better environment for young people, especially through the promise he made during the presidential campaign in 2020, to create jobs in various sectors including entrepreneurship.

However, he said as Mwinyi receives the baton, to look at the system of loans from Covid-19 recovery funds, saying that there have been many complaints and difficulties in obtaining the loans.

"We know the government under Mwinyi’s leadership has good intentions to nurture the youth in Zanzibar, but there is still bureaucracy in obtaining loans to the extent that others give up. Should the President monitor properly, he will find many errors in the dispensation of these loans " he advised.

He said young people rely on the expertise of Dr. Mwinyi’s leadership, will also use it to strengthen the party by ensuring that the Election manifesto is fully implemented, especially by solving the challenges of employment and education faced by most young people.

Maalim, who is also the secretary of the historical 'Botanic Garden' in Migomban, said the outgoing CCM Vice Chairman Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, is leaving leaving behind a strong and highly cohesive party, although there are areas to be strengthened.

On his part, Sleyyum Mustafa Jumbe  the Chairman of UVCCM Ward of Migombani, said Dr. Mwinyi already enjoys a strong support by many CCM members and Zanzibari in general, because of the role he has played in strengthening unity, solidarity and love between citizens from all the political divides.

He said that it is the hope of the youth that he will also make these efforts to unite CCM members so that they can defeat the factions that existed during the elections because their goal is to build a party that will be strong now and in the future.

“The President has shown that he has a true vision and determination to maintain peace in this country which is important if we want development. Unity and cooperation within the party are basic things. Let's support him so that he can quickly fulfill his ambition,” he said.

Tatu Simai Faki is a committee member of  Kilimani ward, believes that the steps that Dr. Mwinyi has taken to strengthen the party and increase the number of women in his appointments is quite commendable.

According to her, the President should to continue giving opportunities to women due to their honesty and self-confidence in the face of responsibilities to manage the party’s activities and the government, saying that the arrival of the new Chair of UWT should be the springboard to raise all the party's communities and prepare the environment for victory in 2025.

On his part, Migombani Ward Councilor (CCM) Jacob Joseph Oware, said that within the party there are still members who do not adhere to morals by engaging in actions that threaten to weaken it, so should Mwinyi take the reins, he should take necessary steps to deal with such characters.

"Among them there are extortionists and corrupt people, vandals of the party's assets and those who leak party secrets to those who do not wish us well. They must be set straight and if they can’t mend their ways themselves, they should be expelled," he advised.