Friday, December 30, 2016

MP: Some families need famine relief

Mwibara Member of Parliament Kangi Lugola.

Mwibara Member of Parliament Kangi Lugola. 

By Veronica Modest @thecitizenTz

Butiama. Mwibara Member of Parliament Kangi Lugola has appealed to the government for 3,000 tonnes of relief food to help families plagued by famine.

Speaking during a meeting, which brought together MPs in the region and those from East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) from the region, Mr Lugola said some of the families were experiencing famine due to prolonged drought. “It is true some of the families in the region don’t have food so there is a need for the government to provide relief food, which will be sold at a reasonable price,” said Mr Lugola. MPs and those from EALA from the region held a meeting at the Father of the Nation’s residence in Butiama to discuss various challenges, which have been affecting people and find a way forward.

Speaking during the meeting the chairman of MPs from Mara Region, Prof Sospeter Muhongo called for unity among the MPs.

“We should set aside our political differences and serve the people. We need to liberate them economically,” said Prof Muhongo.

During the meeting, the MPs agreed to ensure the construction of Nyerere Medical Centre at Kwangwa was completed on time. A total of Sh5.5 billon has been set aside for the implementation of the project. They also agreed to ensure the construction of Nyerere University of Agriculture and Technology was also completed on time.

For his part, Serengeti MP Marwa Ryoba urged the government to construct a fence between the Serengeti National Park and surrounding villages to prevent elephants from destroying crops and properties.