Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MPs link national security to arrests, abductions

Kigoma Urban MP, Zitto Kabwe

Kigoma Urban MP, Zitto Kabwe 

By Alawi Masare @AMasare malawi@tz.nationmedia.com

Dodoma. Kigoma Urban MP, Zitto Kabwe has said he will submit a private motion in Parliament to seek formation of a special committee to investigate incidents of abductions and disappearances of several people in the country.

He said he has evidences that intelligence officers were involved in kidnapping people like Ben Saanane, contrary to laws of the state.

"It's the police who are given powers to arrest but now intelligence officers are also arresting people. I can testify that people who raided Clouds Media and the one who threatened Nape Nnauye with a pistol were from the presidential security unit," he said.

However, the Minister in the President office dealing with Regional Administration and Local Governments, Mr George Simbachawene, stood up and reminded Mr Zitto that it's a taboo to discuss national security issues and asked him to submit evidence on the involvement of intelligence officials in kidnapping and arrests.

But this prompted Nzega Urban MP, Hussein Bashe (CCM) to also interject: "Stop hypocrisy. I was personally arrested by national security and experienced that humiliation. What kind of evidence do you need? I am a CCM MP and will tell the truth forever. You can suspend me from the party if you wish."