Monday, June 19, 2017

Municipal council plants over million trees in two months


By Patrick Kisembo @TheCitizenTz

Morogoro. Morogoro Municipal council has planted 1,022,240 tree seedlings in water sources catchment areas, Mindu dam and other open spaces in move to control environmental degradation and climate change.

The seedlings include those of mahogany, cedar, iroko (mvule), teak and eucalyptus planted in 29 wards constituting the Morogoro municipality.

The trees have been planted between mid April and June this year by the municipal council in collaboration with various environmental stakeholders and individuals.

Speaking to The Citizen during a tree planting occasion along Morogoro River funded by the Bohora community here, the Municipal Forestry Officer, Mr Zahoro Mhina said more than a million trees have already been planted in the last two months.

“This is a sustainable exercise and we will focus on many areas which we have identified as prone to environment destruction… we are going to work in collaboration with  stakeholders like the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), the Morogoro Urban Water and Sewerage authority (Moruwasa), Wami-Ruvu basin, non-governmental organisations and institutions and individuals,” he noted.

For his part the Bohora Community Secretary for Morogoro region, Mr Abizar Vejlani said that the organisation has planned to plant 200,000 tree seedlings each year worldwide.

Mr Vejlani said in Morogoro they have already planted 100 seedlings.

“We have a culture of planting not less than 200,000 tree seedlings worldwide according to the call of our head of the community which demands us to plant trees wherever we are. That is why today (Sunday) we have planted these 25 acacia seedlings,” said Mr. Vejlani.