Friday, January 19, 2018

Police hunt for suspected killer of step-child


By Robert Kakwesi @TheCitizenTz

Tabora. Police are looking for a suspected killer of a step-daughter.

The suspect, a resident of Mwamnange hamlet in Uyowa Ward, Kaliua District, is accused of killing the two-year old in a domestic dispute.

The suspect had a quarrel with his wife over infidelity, police alleged.

They said while hitting his wife with a pestle, the tool landed on the child who was strapped to her mother’s back on January 17.

Upon realising that the child had died, the man fled, Tabora Regional Police Commander Wilbrod Mutafungwa said.

“The fight by the couple was caused by jealousy. Actually such cases cause so many killings in Tabora besides those caused by superstitious beliefs and vengeance,” he said.

Meanwhile, police are questioning 10 people on suspicion of stealing cargo from moving trucks at Pangale in Sikonge District.

 Mr Mutafungwa said the ten belonged to a group people who had been stealing goods from moving trucks.

He said they would be taken to court when investigations are completed.