Saturday, October 21, 2017

What people think about recent cabinet reshuffle

Deputy minister of State in the Vice

Deputy minister of State in the Vice President’s office Union and Environment) Kangi Lugola takes an oath as President John Magufuli (left) watches. PHOTO I FILE      

Samwel Makoye: What the President did is amazing. It shows that our President is focused. Splitting the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries into two independent ministries will certainly increase efficiency.

It was difficult for the past ministers to handle both agriculture and livestock matters simultaneously.

We believe that by reshuffling the cabinet the President targets efficiency in the public service and increase service delivery to the citizens.

The public should unite and pray for the country in order to realise our ambitious industrialisation goal. It’s a new era and we have to work hard in order to alleviate poverty.

Dr Magufuli is shaping the country, so let us support him.

Mbonea Howard

I was delighted after news that the agriculture, livestock and fisheries ministry was split. It seems that the President aims at improving efficiency in service delivery to the public.

I, for one, applaud the decision and harbour high hopes that the appointed ministers their deputies will not let the President down. They really have to work hard and meet the demands of the people.

Teophina John

Personally, I commend the changes made by Dr Magufuli. I also congratulate the appointed ministers. However, I doubt if they accurately know their responsibilities, this is the question they need to ask themselves.

The Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere revoked appointments of government leaders deemed to be irresponsible. Under his leadership, such people could not walk freely.

Samwel Meyasi

Nothing commendable have been done in the reshuffled cabinet. Though we put emphasis on changes, the country has not witnessed the said changes since the fifth phase government assumed office in 2015.

The government is about to end its second year in office, but ordinary citizen have nothing to explicitly consider as huge changes brought by their government.

Hamisi Orlando

All citizens need is better life, instead of frequent changes in the list of cabinet ministers. It is also most likely that even the appointed ministers will show similar weaknesses in the near future.

Besides, living conditions have worsened contrary to people’s expectations.

Therefore, for ordinary Tanzanians, the reshuffle has nothing to do with their wellbeing.