Saturday, May 19, 2018

DEAR DIARY: The royal wedding


By Janet Otieno Prospa

Some people might not understand this enthusiasm that surrounds the royal wedding. One might even ask why a country like Tanzania finds this ceremony of any interest. History books trace the roots of our political, social and geographical development back to colonial days. Days filled with foreign influence from the British.

Even after 50+ years of political independence, we can’t help but keep an eye on the British monarchy. Harry and Markle’s wedding is relevant to us as members of the commonwealth.

To-date we still keep ties with Britain be they economic or simply social. The royal family has traveled to Africa a number of times and each time they’ve left a mark on the continent.

Today the world celebrates a union of two people who represent different ethnicities and cultures. In Prince Harry we have a man who’s been brought up under the royal umbrella. His whole life has been surrounded by royal formalities. In Markle we have a mixed-race woman from the US whose life, prior to the royal engagement, was filled with Hollywood glitz and glamour.

Together these two represent diversity. As they enter into matrimonial ties, we can only wish them the very best in their marriage.