Thursday, September 14, 2017

‘Rethinking Socialism’: is author ‘miming’ JPM?


By Karl Lyimo

A new-found ‘online friend,’ Salim Msoma – whom I’m yet to have the warmly-coveted privilege of meeting face-to-face – emailed me an intellect-stimulating article which prompted this particular business palaver.

Published on August 30 this year, the piece – titled Rethinking Socialism in the Twenty-First Century: What do we want... And, where exactly are we? – was penned by Dan Corjescu, a Romanian-Brazilian ‘Business English Teacher and Poet’ living in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Some of the bits that had me sit up straight and start ‘rethinking’ read as follows: “... what should a Twenty-First century Socialist be fighting for in the America of today? “Keeping in line with a pro-technologist, rationalist Marxian viewpoint, we should:

• Work towards policies that encourage a return to Manufacturing – particularly high-tech Manufacturing.

• Endeavor to persuade Industry, Government and Educational institutions to build an educational infrastructure that’d create, at a young age, a class of highly-skilled workers – thus forming the basis for a strong tradition of economic and industrial apprenticeship.

• Powerfully advocate for a ‘Manhattan (nuclear) Project-like’ initiative for alternative energy. Incentives, bonuses, resources should be lavished on potential technologies that lower energy costs – and, as an extra benefit, help to heal the Environment.

• Agitate for the special needs of women NOT only to be taken into account in the workplace, but also encouraged. The special role/nature of motherhood should be supported and NOT frustrated by market exigencies. After all, the working mother is adding extra/special value to society through her dual roles as worker and mother!

The foregoing is in resonance with the Industrialization Goal of Dr John Pombe Magufuli, President of the Fifth-Phase Government of the United Republic of Tanzania from Nov. 5, 2015...!

Intended to propel and elevate Tanzania to a middle-income Economy and middle-class Society by the Year-2025 – as enshrined in the ‘National Development Vision-2025,’ the country’s ongoing ‘Mother of all

Socio-Econo-Political Development Frameworks,’ so to speak – the Magufuli Industrialisation Dream vis-a-vis writer Dan Corjescu’s views on Rethinking Socialism in the Twenty-First Century beautifully coalesce for a common end.

Never mind that Corjescu was writing that piece with specifically in mind the world’s economic and military powerhouse America, the self-styled ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!’

In any case, he preceded his conclusions/recommendations by reviewing Capitalism vis-a-vis Socialism in all its forms that have been associated with the likes of Marxism; Leninism; Stalinism; Maoism; ‘Nyerereism/African Socialism;’ Revolution; Dictatorship of the Proletariat; the One-Party State; Centralised State Planning, etc...

“All these were tried, but didn’t work...! Furthermore, the Marxist heresies of Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism were outrageous – and, ultimately: deadly caricatures of Marxism...” Corjescu pontificates.


According to the author, Capitalism has survived on Planet Earth for roughly six centuries – and “its imminent demise” premature fantasies!

“I think that, once we give up premature fantasies of Capitalism’s imminent demise, we can fruitfully pick up the work of the reformist Social Democratic parties of the late 19th-early 20th centuries – but, now (doing so) within the context of 21st century material possibilities and current social needs!”

So: “what should a 21st century Socialist be fighting for?” The writer rhetorizes – arguably subconsciously speaking for the world, not just for the US alone!

“Keeping in line with a pro-technologist, rationalist Marxian viewpoint, we should work towards policies that encourage a return to Manufacturing – particularly high-tech Manufacturing.

“We should advocate a return to a high-level and well-funded Industrial/Scientific policy...” he lays it on thick!

Sounds too comfortably familiar with Tanzania President Magufuli’s Industrialisation goals? You can say that again!

Oh... Happy birthday today, Tanzanian politician Freeman Mbowe (born September 14, 1961) – and cheers!