Magufuli issues Sh100 million to discoverer of Tanzanite

What you need to know:

  • Speaking ahead of unveiling the 14 kilometre Mirerani wall President Magufuli called Mr Ngoma “the hero of the nation who has for long been forgotten and neglected.”

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli has today April 6 issued Sh100 million to Jumanne Ngoma who discovered Tanzanite gemstones as a token of appreciation.

Speaking ahead of unveiling the 24.5 kilometre Mirerani wall President Magufuli called Mr Ngoma “the hero of the nation who has for long been forgotten and neglected.”

Some of the Sh100 million, President Magufuli said, should help in the treatment of Mzee Ngoma who is now half paralysed.

“Mzee Ngoma is a veritable Tanzanian hero. But what did he get after discovering Tanzanite about 50 years ago? Nothing. Nothing at all. In fact it is people from other coutnries who have benefited more from this unique gemstone,” President Magufuli said.

President Magufuli revealed that President Nyerere signed the certificate of recognition for Mzee Ngoma on October, 10 1980, but there was no financial reward for his efforts.

“He was later, in 1984 given another certificate of recognition by the government for scientific discovery. But he has been struggling financially for all this time,” President Magufuli noted.

We must stop this wrong habit of neglecting people who do great things for this country.

 The head of state gave an example of himself saying that he made a discovery in the field of chemistry but he has never been recongised. “My research documents are just lying idle at the University of Dar es Salam,” President Magufuli noted.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Ngoma, his daughter, Ms Asha Ngoma thanked President Magufuli for recognizing her father’s efforts and rewarding him financially.

“Your credentials for defending the poor are unmatched and we thank you very much,” Ms Ngoma noted.  

Earlier during the event President Magufuli had narrated how he came to know about the struggles of Mzee Ngoma in his search for recognition as the sole discover of Tanzanite.

“One day I received an SMS message. I do not know who sent me that SMS. But the sender pleaded with me to help Mzee Ngoma the discoverer of Tanzanite who is now ill.
“I instructed my aides to trace him and make sure they bring him today in this event. We must recognize our heroes,” President Magufuli added.

Ms Ngoma said she was the one who sent President Magufuli the SMS out of desperation.

“Mr President I was the one who sent you the SMS. I remember I sent it at dawn after we have been struggling for years to ensure our father is recognize for his efforts,” Ms Ngoma noted.