Chadema now woos Seif to join main opposition party

Wednesday September 12 2018

Chadema’s chairman of the elders, Mr Hashim

Chadema’s chairman of the elders, Mr Hashim Jumaa Issa, addresses journalists in Dar es Salaam over party’s invitation to Seif Sharif Hamad to become its flag bearer in the Isles in 2020. PHOTO | SAID KHAMIS 

By Hussein Issa @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s main opposition party, Chadema, has expressed its readiness to welcome CUF’s Secretary General Seif Sharif Hamad so that he would vie for presidency of Zanzibar in 2020 General Election.

Addressing journalists here on Tuesday September 11, party elders’ chairman Hashim Juma said Chadema was ready to accommodate Mr Hamad whose party is currently facing internal leadership crisis.

“If he accepts our offer, he will be our flag bearer during forthcoming presidential election,” he said.

He said that given the fact that there were elements currently bent to see CUF remaining in an endless crisis, it was wise for Mr Hamad to shift to Chadema where he would receive cooperation to try and oust the ruling CCM from power in Zanzibar.

He further acknowledged that CUF was accepted in Zanzibar by up to 80 per cent but the crisis that has seen Mr Hamad and self-proclaimed chairman of CUF Ibrahim Lipumba entangled in the crisis was undermining its influence in everyday politics in the Isles.

“All CUF Members of Parliament and those who believe in change have an opportunity to join Chadema. We speak the same language,” he said.

The crisis in CUF has seen the party divided into two camps, one under Prof Lipumba and recognised by the Registrar of Political Parties and another by Mr Hamad. The crisis ensued after Prof Lipumba, who had resigned as chairman of the party in 2015, re-emerged a year later claiming back his position and secured blessings of the Registrar of Political Parties office.

Mr Hamad camp spokesman Mbarala Maharagande said the crisis would be resolved next month.

“Chadema may have a good proposal, however, we are yet to consider it given the fact that the party’s Council is yet to meet and give green light,” said Mr Maharagande.