Committee asks Dar RC Makonda to apologise for storming media house

Wednesday March 22 2017


By Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. A committee formed by Information minister Nape Nnauye to look into Dar es Salaam regional Commissioner Paul Makonda storming of Media Clouds offices has asked the Regional top boss to apologise publicly.

Speaking shortly before handling the report, a member of the committee, Mr Deodatus Balile, said their checks have established that by storming the media house, RC Makonda had acted against his responsibilities.

“We have established that the Regional commissioner is not aware of boundaries of his responsibilities… storming a media house is gross misconduct and he should apologise publicly,” said Mr Balile.

However, Mr Makonda declined to be questioned by the Committee, according to Mr Balile. The team was given 24 hours by Mr Nnauye on Monday to accomplish its task.

Speaking after the Tanzania Information Services Director, Dr Hassan Abbas who headed the team handed him the report, Mr Nnauye said he was going to hand over the recommendations to higher authorities for action.

“But in doing our work we leaders should always be aware that we are human and we are subject to committing mistakes. The important thing is to accept our misdeeds and apologise whenever we realise misconduct on our part,” he said.