Court drops charges facing Udart boss Kisena, co-defendants

Wednesday May 15 2019


By Pamela Chilongola @TheCitizenTZ

 Dar es Salaam. The Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court has on Wednesday May, 15 dropped fraud and money laundering charges that faced the director of Uda Rapid Transit (UDART), Robert Kisena and three other people.

Mr Kisena and the co-defendants stood trial for fraud, money laundering, organized crime and causing over Sh2.41 loss to the government during the implementation of the rapid bus transit---Udart project.

Other people who breathed fresh air after staying behind bars for three months include Kulwa Kisena, Charles Newe and a Chinese, Cheni Shi.

State lawyer Glory Mwenda informed the court that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) no longer has the intention to continue with the proceedings against the accused.

Section 91 (1) of the CPA empowers the DPP to drop charges against any accused person at any stagethe before judgment is pronounced. The discharge does not operate as a bar to any subsequent proceedings against the accused on account of the same facts.

Resident magistrate-in-charge, Thomas Simba, accepted the information and declared that charges against the accused had been dropped.