Curiosity grows as scientists search for suspected dropped meteorite in Kagera Region

Thursday November 29 2018

The Kagera Regional Commissioner Brigadier

The Kagera Regional Commissioner Brigadier General Marco Gaguti 

By Phinias Bashaya @pbashaya

Bukoba. The Geological Society of Tanzania (GST) has said the huge blast which was heard from different parts of Kagera Region was caused by the fall of a meteorite.

GST chief executive officer Abdulkarim Mruma said he was aware of the reported blast, but they were searching for the proper location where the meteorite fell.

Residents of Kagera Region reported that they saw a huge bright object cross the sky of the region on Tuesday night, whereby some even thought that it was a bomb, while others thought the huge blast was another earthquake.

However, GST did not specify the dimensions of the reported meteorite.

The Kagera Regional Commissioner Brigadier General Marco Gaguti said the huge blasting sound could not be associated with any military bomb.

“People should not fear about an incident and they should continue with their daily routines as authorities were ongoing with investigations and will release the report when compiled,” he said.


He said the regional authorities have contacted different geological experts and specialists to carry out scientific investigations and follow up on the incident in the entire Kagera Region.

This might be the second time Tanzania is experiencing the meteorite after another one was discovered in Mbozi 90 years ago.

The Mbozi meteorite was discovered in Tanzania in the 1930s. It's three metres long and weighs an estimated 25 tonnes, or almost twice that of Willamette.

The Willamette Meteorite is made up of iron and nickel and was acquired by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City in 1906.