Disclosed: 1.4 million Tanzanians living with HIV/Aids

Friday May 4 2018


By Sanjito Msafiri @TheCitizenTZ news@tz.nationmedia.com

Tanzania has an estimated 1.4 million people living with HIV/Aids and slightly over a half of them are aware of their conditions.

According to reports, only 52 per cent of those living with HIV/aids are aware of their conditions.

The group that has been hit hard is that of the youth between the age of 14 and 25.

 The Executive Director of the Tanzania Commission for Aids (Tacaids), Dr Leonard Maboko, made the revelations, when closing an action meeting between Tacaids and various media houses, which took place in Kibaha District.

The meeting aimed at laying down strategies for cooperation between the two sides over spreading news about new infections of HIV/Aids to society and find way of countering the disease.

He said the goal is to reduce HIV/aid infection significantly by 2020 and ensure that those infected access Anti-retrovirals (ARVs).

"We have set a strategic plan to fight HIV/Aids, we have to cooperate in this fight because it is still among the leading killer disease," he said.