Geita woman arrested over homosexuality

Friday December 01 2017
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Geita regional Police commander Mponjoli Mwabulambo

Geita. Police in Geita Region are holding a woman for allegedly engaging in homosexuality.

The arrest of the woman comes after a video clip went viral on social media starting Wednesday, showing her fitting an engagement ring on the finger of a fellow woman, to whom she presented an ignition key as a gift.

Geita regional Police commander Mponjoli Mwabulambo confirmed the arrest of the woman aged between 30 and40, saying he would give more details over the incident once investigations were complete.

Reports from the Police had it that the woman, who works with one mining firm in the procurement unit, was arrested yesterday afternoon in Kasamwa Village in the district.

The video clip has sparked debates in Geita Town, where residents were seen in groups discussing about the incident.

When asked over the allegations facing their worker, the gold mine’s public relations officer said the firm’s policy did not allow to disclose anything about employees’ private life.


He clarified that if any of their workers did something contrary to the laws, then relevant organs would handle the matter according to the statutes of the land.

Speaking, Geita regional commissioner Robert Gabriel said the incident must be condemned because it was contrary to the country’s laws and that state organs were making a follow-up on it.

The RC added that the matter would be handled according to the law.

“The country’s laws are clear as homosexuality is not allowed and if this incident has occurred, then it must be condemned. We will not leave this matter to end just like that, but we will ensure that the law takes its course,” said the RC.

He said as the world marked the World Aids Day, the regional authorities urged parents to sit down with their children and educate them about not involving in sexual relations at a tender age.

According to the RC, HIV/Aids infection in the regions was higher among young people aged 15 to 25, and that girls were the most affected.

Residents in the region condemned the woman for engaging in homosexuality and even taking a video clip of the event.

They asked the government to take stern measures against the women involved as they taught bad manners to other young people.