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Islamic council calls for constitution review

Tuesday November 20 2018

The council’s secretary, Sheikh Issa Ponda.

The council’s secretary, Sheikh Issa Ponda. 

By Mosenda Jacob @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The Council of Islamic Organisations in Tanzania has reiterated the need for the government to review the constitution before the 2020 general election in order to make it free and fair.

The call was made on Tuesday, November 20, by the council’s secretary, Sheikh Issa Ponda, during the Maulid (Prophet Mohamed (S.A.W) birthday) commemoration, which was carried the message “Justice is the pillar of peace.”

“To achieve the goal, we emphasize on drafting a new constitution. It is very important. We also recommended in another forum that the government should reconsider a new constitution,” read part of the statement.

The council says it was important for the government to restore the constitutional processes before the general election.

“It is important that we build a new constitutional framework in our nation. In that context, it is important to arrange the constitutional general meeting which will enhance the establishment of a national basis on how to restore the process of the new constitution,” the statement further reads.

The council believes that the new constitution was essential for the country to succeed in bigger projects.

“There is no way we can register big achievements without a new constitution before the 2020 polls. People are tired of the current situation and under this constitution, we don’t believe that there will a free and fair election. There is a need to have an independent electoral commission,” it stated.