Speaker Ndugai says to reconsider MP Tundu Lissu’s salary payment

Thursday February 7 2019


By Alex Malanga amalanga@tz.nationmedia.com

Dodoma. The National Assembly speaker, Mr Job Ndugai, on Thursday 7, 2019 said the parliament will consider suspension of all payments to Singida East lawmaker, Mr Tundu Lissu.

The speaker said if the Parliament wouldn’t have any official information about the whereabouts of Mr Lissu, it will be compelled to consider his remunerations as Member of Parliament. However, he didn’t give a time frame as to when the Parliament administration will sit to discuss Mr Lissu’s fate.

The speaker added that Mr Lissu did not inform him on his whereabouts nor did he submit the medical report to the speaker's office.

Mr Lissu, whose absence in Parliament was occasioned by what was described by an assassination attempt in September 2017, has been in treatment in Kenya and Belgium.

"We thought he is at the hospital but surprisingly we have been seeing him meandering on the streets," said Mr Ndugai.

The speaker was reacting to Geita Rural MP Joseph Musukuma (CCM), who sought to know the fate of Mr Lissu who has been missing in the Parliament for the past two years.


"Honorable speaker don't you think it is high time we suspend payments to Mr Lissu, who has been missing from his working station for the past two years due to the excuse that he is sick," questioned Mr Msukuma.

He said if Mr Lissu was sick he would not be seen going around the World.

In response, speaker said, "Let me assure you honorable Msukuma. I will waste no time to make decision over the matter, something which is within my powers."