Uber taxi driver explains how Tanzanian Dollar billionaire Mo Dewji was kidnapped

What you need to know:

A driver with Uber said has explained how Dollar Billionaire, Mo Dewji was abducted at dawn on Thursday, 11 October 2018.

He told The Citizen that he (the driver) was about to drop a passenger (not Mo Dewji) at Colosseum Hotel when four masked individuals fired into the air to disperse hotel security guards.

At that point, the four went inside the hotel and came out with a person who he identified to be Mo Dewji and speeded towards the posh location of Masaki

Dar es Salaam. An Uber taxi driver said on Thursday, 11 October 2018 how prominent businessman, Mohammed Dewji (MO), was abducted at Colosseum Hotel in Dar es Salaam at around 5:00AM.

Police have launched a manhunt into circumstances that led to the abduction of Mr Dewji who ranks as one of the richest Tanzanians at Colosseum Hotel as he walked into a gym.

The driver, who preferred anonymity, said he was about to drop his passenger (not Dewji) at the Hotel, when he witnessed the event.

“I was about to drop my passenger at the hotel when suddenly, I saw four masked individuals standing close to the hotel. They (the four were masked individuals) fired one bullet in the air and all the hotel security guards ran away,” he said.

At that point, the four ‘abductors’ went into the hotel and came out with a person. “I personally saw the person to be Mo Dewji…They then drove quickly from the area and headed towards Masaki,” he said.

The Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander, Mr Lazaro Mambosasa confirmed the reports, saying the famous businessman may have been kidnapped by people he described as White.