Wanderess finds her match in symbolic city of love

Saturday October 17 2020


By Sakina S. Dossaji

“A piece of advice, do not start a new relationship while you have not wrapped up the previous dented one,” Belmira’s mom hurriedly spoke into the speaker.

Belmira shut her eyes in exasperation. She was on flight, on her way to her dream city Paris. She did not think she would ever need a man again. “What for?” She mentally screeched.

“Where to, mademoiselle?” “Hotel de Crillon.” The car sped away, her fascination in a spin, at every nook and cranny.

“This is a wrong move, Belmira. Running away from problems was never the ideal solution,” her mother implored.

“Mum, things have become way too complicated. It’s a mega-maze. Let’s forget about this for some days.”

Her mother sighed at her daughter’s recklessness. “Besides, you won’t believe how beautiful Paris is. Sun-kissed streets, manicured gardens, sidewalk cafés, fashion and culture, the unique cobblestoned streets of Wandering Le Marais. It has been only four days but it is terrific. And don’t worry, I haven’t met anyone yet,” she chuckled.


She was child-like when her eyes first drank in the sight of Eiffel Tower. Magnificent! The photographer in her could not stop capturing the serenading beauty.

Her guide was a charismatic, handsome man with a French-beard. After their tour was over, he asked her if he could escort her around. They relaxed at the nearest bistro.

In the days that followed, he took her to the world-famous Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. They explored the Montmarte to see the cabaret show. They sampled the best coffees and macarons that the city had to offer. She enjoyed his company and he grew fond of her exotic looks and dreamy eyes.

They spent hours on rooftop terraces, amidst light banter and peals of laughter.

Maxime, with one knee bent, proposed to her on the romantic banks of the Seine, as the locals danced, highlighting and skyrocketing the evening into the most passionate evening of sorts.

They were locked in an ardent embrace.

The bay at Marseille was a pretty slice of nature with its blue jewel waters. Someone said it right, love can happen anytime, anywhere. If you are sad, love will make you happy; afraid, love will make you brave; weak, love will make you strong; and broken; love will make you whole.

“Is it a yes, Belmira? It is surreal! And despite our differences, we have one thing in common – we are both crazy about each other. I know this is not going to be easy but we will work at it because I want you. I want all of you, forever, every single day.”

She tossed the balloon with the words ‘Goodbye Brazil’ upwards in the silver moon-lit skies. When you find someone that makes your heart skip a beat, stop the search and take the risk.