She wanted me to fabricate her pregnancy test results

Monday September 24 2018

Dr Lugano Wilson

Dr Lugano Wilson 

By Dr Wilson Lugano

Two years ago a young woman who was a primary school teacher in Dar es Salaam, visited the hospital where I was working; she was visibly disturbed. After she had waited around, I welcomed her into my office, and I allowed her to tell me her concern. I asked her why she had come to the hospital.

She said, “You know Doctor, my husband will be travelling abroad next week, but he wants to make sure that he leaves me pregnant”

She further informed me that her husband has a tendency of travelling and staying away longer than expected.

“For example last time he went to Zambia, and he stayed there for two years whilst he left me pregnant, such that I had to bring up our baby alone,”

I was informed that her husband did that owing to his fear of being cheated upon while he is away. He has on many occassions accused her of being in sexual relationship with the school head teacher because she stays at work longer than other teachers.

I wanted to find out more why anyone would leave his wife for almost two years.

“My husband is a businessman as he ekes out a living through such travels, but now I am fed up and tired of staying alone that long,” she said.

It was obvious that something was terribly wrong with this couple.

The element of trust which is a mjor ingredient in wedlock had eluded them.

She was quite on the edge, she wanted the doctor to do something.


This is a well-known test in streets; you can get a UPT kit in a local pharmacy, and test for yourself.

Urinary pregnancy test (UPT) is the marker of a pregnancy hormone, human chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (HCG), this hormone is produced by placenta.

What most people are interested to know is when can it be positive or diagnostic after sex.

Many women would wish for the test to be diagnostic on the same day or immediately after a sexual act?

Why do they wish that?Presumably becausemany youth engage in sexual act unexpectedly whilst exploring sexual pleasure

So if you are pregnant the test can detect this hormone in your urine around 10 days after you missed the period , this is when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.

Any risk involved with this test?

The only risk is what if you get false positive or false negative results, false negative occurs more commonly in early pregnancy and when the urine is too diluted to detect HcG.

False positive happens once in a blue moon, and that means it indicates pregnancy while it’s not there, If this happens follow-up is need since it can be something else.

Many girls who happen to be pregnant unexpectedly do panic a lot, because they know that they are not out of the woods with regard to aftershocks of teenage pregnancy.

What did her UPT results reveal?

She told me that, she didn’t want to test for pregnancy, since she blatantly knew that she was on the pill without her husband’s knowledge, so obviously she didn’t anticipate any pregnancy.

But her husband insisted that he wanted a written report by a medical Doctor before he could leave for his business mission.

Therefore the woman wanted me to be not lily-livered about fabricating the results report, so that she could send fake results to her husband in order for him to travel with the assurance that nothingf would go wrong while he was away.

Then I asked her, “what if your husband comes after a year, finding no child/baby?”

She responded in Swahili, “Nitamwambia ilitoka”. (I am going to tell him that I had a miscarriage).

I had to keep my nose clean, was I a bit of a martinet?!