Corfield camps: In the middle of wilderness

Sunday June 23 2019


By Tasneem Hassanali

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up with a view of an elephant or a group of impalas grazing by your bedside? No, this isn’t Jurassic Park that I talk of – but a dash of reality I experienced at Corfield Camps located in Tarangire National Park.

Tanzania is home to world’s beautiful parks and game reserves for a genuine Safari experience and one among is Tarangire National Park, located in the Northern part of Tanzania famous for its authentic bush experience, elephants and beautiful birds.

Somebody once said that if you want to get close to nature, then there’s no better way to do that than spending some time in a jungle. This couldn’t get any truer at the Corfield’s. Breathing the fresh air, spotting variety of vibrant birds, exploring the flora and fauna of the area and witnessing pastel sunsets by the bonfire was everything that I could ask for to rejuvenate myself.

Stepping outside my normal life and being in the bush sort of created the headspace not only for deep reflection but also bond with the people that matter. Within entering the campsite, I found myself shutting behind the petty and persistent worries about work and life as my mind focused on panoramic view of African savannah, beautiful singing birds and tranquillity that surrounded the campsite.

The luxury tented camp at Corfield is surrounded by nothing but wilderness and pure bliss. Tents are huge with en-suite bathrooms and a small veranda set right outside the tent where I usually enjoyed my early morning cup of masala chai, bird viewing and occasionally spot wild animals.

A true Safari experience


There are various ways of experiencing Tanzania’s vast savannah and its wildlife in Tarangire, for instance walking safaris or night game drives, but for me the real deal and a true genuine safari experience was in an open safari vehicle.

The excitement all started when we climbed onto the vehicle for the first time ever and were taken inside the Tarangire Park up to the campsite in the open game vehicle.

The wildlife viewing up-close in the open vehicle felt like getting a front row seat to the greatest show in Africa.

The highlight of the trip were the sundowners. Be it the bush or around the camp, every evening chairs, snacks, drinks and a chai box is set around a bonfire for us to enjoy the pastel sunsets.

Wild camping with a baby

When the idea of wild camping with my 17-month-old daughter was first suggested, I didn’t directly jump to the chance of it – in fact my first reaction was is that even possible? I was somehow convinced and I packed enough for the nights we were supposed to be there, including warm clothes, medicines, snacks, milk, a heater and a solar lamp among others. Rest assured Corfield Camps has everything you need to cater to your demanding child. The staffs were very courteous, patient and catered to all our little demands for the baby. The open space to play around, wildlife viewing, spacious rooms, food and a little library they have by the bar keeps the little ones at comfort during the trip.

It was a learning curve and a fun experience watching the little one embrace the wild, nature and spotting/reacting to the animal’s behaviour.

Next time around, wild camping with my little one is something that I will definitely jump to the chance of it. Every evening, a sundowner is set surrounded by a bonfire at the Corfield campsite. I first thought wild camping is not everyone’s cup of tea but I was wrong.

In fact wild camping is all about simplicity, reconnecting with who we are, those with us and the earth that we inhabit. You also learn and realise how important it is to conserve this earth, this beauty of the wild and the creatures that cohabit for our future generation to enjoy what we get to see and experience.