When it is more than just clothes

Sunday December 3 2017


By Devotha John

        Children fashion shows are more than a mere showcase of dresses , inteads it’s a form of expression like art. It makes the little ones to be creative and develop talents, which in the long run moulds them to become potential designers.

Nonetheless, parents have been advised to develop children’s talents as earlier as possible. They are also encouraged to understand that every child is unique and has their potentials which need to be unlocked.

Speaking to Young Citizen, children have expressed their concern about fashion show. Some of them take it as an opportunity to have fun while others aspire to capture the art for their future career.

Naila Efraim, 9, is a Grade Four pupil at Rightway Pre and Primary School , she loves fashion and over the days she has become a regular partcipant at fashion events at their school.

“I love fashion and I love looking smart even my mother recognizes my talents. It is because of this that she makes sure I appear in fancy dresses, shoes, dresses up my hair too,” she says.

Brian Lukas, 9 goes to East Africa International School he too has an eye for fashion but does not aspire to become designer.

“I want to become a pilot. I see different pilots looking smart so through this I want to feel that I always be like these talented flight experts.”

Roseline Joshua who is is just as old as like Naila says every child has something unique about themselves and that is why their choices are different too.

“My mother supports me so I will continue to study in the class and to learn more about fashion because when I grow up I want to become modal like Flaviana Matata,” she says.

Roseline looks up to famous models such as Flaviana Matata, Miriam Odemba, and fashion designers like Hassanali as a source her inspiration.

Nancy Japhet from St Mary’s Mbezi beach says she really enjoys looking smart and pretty that’s why she loves fashion.

“I love fashion and I want to be a fashion designer. This will make me to earn money like other designer now I’m learning some of the early stages,” says Nancy.

However Rose Mugasa mother of two children living at Mbezi Beach says she supports children who love fashion because there is need to develop children’s skills at an early age.

“ The love for fashion helps people to dress well that’s why we have to wear different clothes to the different for different events such as church, outing sports,” she says .

“When a child dresses well she or he will look presentable. Learning to love fashion is a way of inculcating in children a behaviour of appearing smart all the time.”