Why Trump and Kim summit is a spectacle of peace

Sunday June 17 2018


By Saumu Jumanne, Saumu.j@gmail.com

There is no doubt that the United States of America’s Donald Trump is one of the most controversial presidents on the globe today. There is also no doubt that sometimes he trades in lies and misinformation— so as to get his way.

Many times in the campaign period Trump referred to his political opponent, who eventually got more individual votes than him but sadly lost in college votes, as “crooked” Hillary Clinton.

In the campaign period, ‘lies’ are a bit understandable (not acceptable) but even as a president he continues to call Hillary “crooked”. Crooked means a person who is dishonest or a criminal, but who knows what it means for Trump!

According to The PolitiFact scorecard out of his statements “the half true” stands at 15 per cent, mostly false at 22 per cent, and false 32 per cent, which is ranked the highest score. He was therefore awarded PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year.

It has been a very interesting spectacle for the whole world, to see the story of now the man who holds the power at the most powerful nation on earth, charm, shock and even divide the Americans to the core.

In his bid to make America great again, the world will have to absorb some shocks ignited by now the world number one showman.

Canada, China, Mexico and other nations that have been trading with USA are all feeling the heat. Russia and China have their own ways of retreating because they also consider themselves superpowers, just like US.

The man once just seen as Jest- a not a serious political figure, a man of no shame and little professionalism, his actions often leave some Americans with an egg in the face.

All that aside many Americans, especially the republicans, who propelled him to power have faith in him. No matter what he does or say, they support him.

So it has not been a wonder that not very long time ago, Donald Trump and Northern Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un traded bitter insults on twitter, only a few months later, to meet, and sit down as equals- leaders of two independent nations.

George W. Bush in his presidency called North Korea to be among the “the Axis of Evil” because of its nuclear capabilities.

The North Korea–United States relations has been in cold for over 50 years, and their historic handshake, a few months ago seemed it would never happen. But with Trump, everything is possible, so long as what Trump wants, is what you want!

Trump and Kim, North Korea-United States summit in Singapore, June 2018 has made history- it ended with the two leaders holding several discussions and finally signing a joint statement calling for security, stability, and lasting peace. For peace in the world, so be it, hopefully, it was not a show, and there were no lies!

Yes, it’s paramount to search for peace. If the coming together of the two leaders makes the world a better place, we must support it regardless of their characters, so long as they walk the talk. Albert Einstein once said: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Let us all pursue peace. In addition, South Africa’s Desmond Tutu once said that “if you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” Meaning, the two former enemies have done the right thing: talking.

There are reports suggesting that Trump should be nominated to win Nobel Peace following the historic summit with Kim Jong-Un.

That would mean the world for the US leader. The Trump-Kim historic event reminds me of a saying “in politics, there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interest”. To common mwananchi, let love and peace lead us!