A little taste of ‘Elegance’ in Dar

Friday December 1 2017

Revellers chill in the early hours of the

Revellers chill in the early hours of the weekend at Elegance Lounge 

By Paul Owere

Dar es Salaam. The partying scene in Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest changing facets of city life with more joints coming up with ways to attract revellers on a regular basis, for they are the lifeline of such investments.

The choice of a place to go is one that is dependent on a wide range of issues from the music to the type of crowd, for you just have to get it right – therefore you have to tread carefully.

There were days in time when party goers had to go all the way the city centre to find some pleasure, but the changing times on the party scene has brought some of these joints right to our door step.

It is no wonder that some of the once up a time great places in town are finding customers hard to come by. These joints have become so many that every suburb boasts of one or two, usually with a string features that is meant to give revellers a feel of comfort away from their homes.

I have always been a nocturnal person; I mean I operate better in the cover of the night especially with the scotching heat of this city.

On this particular weekend there were plenty of things going on in the ‘Haven Of Peace’, a grand gig at Leaders’ Club was on top of the list and there was also the Liverpool versus Chelsea game to mention but a few.

The latter had been branded as a teenager’s party after they announced that the usual line-up of Americans and Nigerians wouldn’t be part of the show.

The search for where to be led me to Sinza Mori opposite Big Bon on your way to Meeda, on a friend’s suggestion we zeroed on at Hotel Elegance which is quite a new place but quite ideal for party animals.

This part of town in the years gone by was known as the partying hub of the city with bars in almost every street corner.

It has the kind of lads whom my skin is comfortable with and I could see quite a number.

On the second floor you find what has become one the hottest lounges in Sinza, at the door you part with 10k for your drinks coupon, for they don’t encourage idlers of any kind.

I think there is a strong reason why clubs that don’t charge entry fees and key to it is that there are some revellers who just walk into such places to inconvenience patrons.

There is a lot to talk about this lounge but for today I shall concentrate on the service, music and the audience. With more space than the average lounge in town the joint has a resident DJ at Elegance has a great taste to match the dynamic lifestyle of city residents and he has the skills to match some of the best DJs in town. I did not bother to find out his name but I am sure he is a DJ something or there about. With comfortable couches that ideal for relaxation and other high stools for the sports lovers, it is likely to tickle your fantasy in many ways, by the way, most of the couches are two-seaters. I guess you know what I mean.

As we cross to the other side of the night I notice that more youthful revellers start to trickle in, some as I am informed were attending a wedding that was taking place on the same building.

The makeshift dance floor is soon full with dancers gyrating to the tunes of Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Justine Bieber’s Decipacito much to the envy of those sitting on the comfortable chairs. The music gets slightly louder and soon there is no one sitting as the DJ gets them dancing to some of the hottest mixes.

Elegance Lounge remains a place to go with quite an ambience to suit today’s city lifestyle, however, there are certain things that I don’t seem to understand.

For example why do most people park outside yet there is a spacious parking lot on the ground floor, maybe someone has to explain this in time.