A miracle python that has brought good omen to a village in Geita

Wednesday September 11 2019


By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTz news@tz.nationmedia.com

Chato. People have been flocking to a bush in Kasala village in Geita to see ‘a huge but friendly python’, which they believe has brought good message.

Some of those, who have been going to the bush, have been giving offerings to the snake including goats, milk, flour and water.

The python according to residents arrived in the village almost a month ago.

Mr Nyasaka Wandiba, a traditional elder, said they have been taking gifts to the snake because they believe that its arrival is sign of blessings to them.

“We have been hit by draught for many years so it is our belief that this arrival is a good omen to us,” he said.

Mr Wandiba added, “We experienced the same situation (draught) back in 2007 but the arrival of a big snake came with winds of change.”


According to one of the villagers, Mr Mathiath Mwita, even some foreign national have been flocking to the village to view the python.

He added that some foreigners wanted to buy the snake but the villagers disagreed.

It has also been a boom season for motorcycle taxi operators as many hire their services to reach to the area.

“The presence of the snake has been a blessing to us because we have been getting many customers, who want to go to see the snake,” said one bodaboda operator.