Bakhresa looks to increase wheat flour production

Thursday September 24 2020


By Aurea Simtowe

Dar es Salaam. Bakhresa Food Products Limited plans to increase its wheat flour production capacity to 750 tonnes per day before the end of the year .

According to the company’s marketing director, Mr Omary Kuwe, the envisaged production increase would enable the firm to reach more markets within and outside the country.

Mr Kuwe made this revelation when speaking to reporters during a workshop organised by the company for bread and cake bakers.

The move, Mr Kuwe said, follows the expansion of the company’s wheat milling industry, which is in the final stage before resuming production at the end of the year.

“Upon the completion of its expansion, we expect that our current production capacity will increase from 2,750 to 3,500 tonnes of wheat flour per day,” said Mr Kuwe.

“Sometimes later we will increase our production capacity to 750 tonnes of wheat flour so that we can sufficiently reach our customers because out market has been expanding daily” added Mr Kuwe.


He said that the company had been purchasing wheat for milling from local farmers and different countries including Canada, the US and Australia.

He said in order to reach  many consumers of their  product they make different packages.

The news was positively received by wheat farmers, including Mr Sosteness Simbeye, who had the hope of making more sales of the produce to the company.

“We may now get a reliable market because we will have no need of moving around to find buyers, who will now have to find us for our wheat. We now have the hope of increasing our incomes,” said Mr Simbeye.