Confirmed: Tanzania’s dollar millionaire Ali Mufuruki succumbed to Pneumonia

Sunday December 8 2019


By Asna Kaniki @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s dollar millionaire, who passed on on Saturday night, succumbed to pneumonia, a family friend said on Sunday, December 08, 2019.

Mr Gilman Kasiga told journalists at the deceased’s home at Dar es Salaam’s Kunduchi Beach suburb that Mr Mufuruki succumbed to pneumonia.

Mr Kasiga, along with Ali Mufuruki, Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange CEO Moremi Marwa and Mr Rahim Mawji co-authored a book titled: “Tanzania’s Industrialisation Journey, 2016-2056” in 2017.

He said Mr Mufuruki suffered from pneumonia and was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

“The doctors at The Aga Khan Hospital tried hard to help him but the situation worsened and that was why he was evacuated to South Africa on Saturday in the afternoon where he died,” said Mr Kasiga.

Mr Mufuruki, whose net wealth was last quoted at $110 million by Ventures Africa, died while at Morningside Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Mr Kasiga said efforts to bring Mufuruki’s remains back to Tanzania were going on, noting that upon completion, the family will announce burial arrangements.

Mr Ali Mufuruki’s sudden death left a void in his family, the private sector and the nation at large.

“He was a gifted individual who helped his country in a number of ways in issues pertaining to investment and the economy. He was a mentor to a number of people,” he said.