NEC explains why Lissu’s meeting was tear-gassed in Kilwa

Friday October 23 2020

Chadema's Tundu Lissu during one of his rallies

Dar es Salaam. Police on Friday fired teargas to stop Chadema Presidential candidate Tundu Lissu’s campaign in Somanga, Kilwa after it was deemed illegal as an illegal assembly.

Lissu was in the middle of his address when police arrived and asked him to leave the area despite his claims that he was there legally.

Lissu in his defense claimed he had written an official letter to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) seeking to be allowed to campaign in Somanga because there was no other candidate scheduled to conduct campaign.

However, when contacted by The Citizen, NEC admitted to have received a letter from Lissu seeking to hold a campaign rally in Somanga.

NEC Director of Elections, Charles Mahera said following the letter, there was supposed to be a scheduled meeting with other political parties to agree on the schedule change.  

According to the schedule by NEC, Lissu was supposed to be campaigning in Lindi, Nachigwea and Mtwara.


“Before a meeting could be set to decide on the change Lissu decided to campaign in Somanga . I am not sure what happened there since I have been involved in a series of meetings the whole day. But all I can say is that, we were yet to sit to decide on the scheduling,” he stressed.

Meanwhile after his meeting was dispersed Lissu explained that his chopper was allowed to land in Kilwa because he had permission to do so.

“I have come here in peace to conduct my rally but there are people who want to cause chaos let them continue with their mission, we will do what we have come to do in peace” he said.

He noted that the only authority with mandate to the campaign schedule was NEC and not other government organs.

Meanwhile while in Lindi, Lissu admitted that he has a plane ticket to Europe December 18 this year where he intends to go for further treatment.

“It is true that I have a ticket, I have an appointment with my doctor to check my leg and arm which are still undergoing treatment,” he said.

He stressed that if he had wanted to stay away from Tanzania, he could have done that after he was hit by 16 bullets in September 2017.