Minister orders arrest of OBC director

Wednesday February 13 2019


By ZephaniaUbwani @ubwanizg3

Arusha. The minister for Home Affairs Kangi Lugola yesterday ordered immediate arrest of Ortello Business Corporation (OBC) official for allegedly hiring foreign workers with no working permits.

Isack Mollel, the director of the UAE-based hunting company, is alleged to have facilitated employment  of foreign nationals without following the required procedures.

The minister ordered the police in Arusha to ensure Mr. Mollel is arrested and interrogated  before he winds up his current visit to Arusha.

Mr. Lugola began his week-long official visit to all six districts in  Arusha region yesterday. 

He told reporters here that Mr. Mollel, one of the longest serving OBC officials, was requested to surrender to the police last week to answer the same charges but he did not.

According to the minister, there were at least ten foreign nationals who fraudulently secured employment at OBC. He did not reveal their nationals.


Some of them have been arraigned in court for illegal entry into the country. Their case will be cup up for mention in court on February 22nd.

The nature of work that was to be done by the ten foreign nationals is not clear. The company operates a large tented base in Loliondo and has an office in Arusha.

Some reports had it that they were to prepare for the coming of members of the royal family from the UAE in the near future for tourist hunting in Loliondo.

OBC from the United Arab Emirates was given exclusive hunting rights in Loliondo block, Ngorongoro district in 1992.

The hunting rights has been persistently challenged by local and foreign environmental activists.

Loliondo residents who have been against OBC operating there claim the company was granted an exclusive hunting rights on its 400,000 hectares without their consultation.