Technology about to change the nature of football

Friday November 3 2017


Football has long been referred to as a beautiful game; sport being the art, the pitch as the canvas and the players as artists. But the greatest fear is that with technology, the art may soon turn into science while the football game seems to be entertaining and thrilling when involving human error, inconsistency and inefficiency.

But with Raha Broadband everything is about innovation and elevation, the nature of human mind can never stop wondering and the future. Well, it's an eternal utopia; full of promises and forever out of reach.

Let’s explore some of the greatest technologies that the world should look forward to with the Raha Wise Guy;


  1. In the future fans will be enjoying football at the comfort of their sofas and still feel like they're at the stadium whereby the 360 viewing experience broadcasted on TV will be replaced with Virtual Reality.
  2. But there’s always something special about being at the stadium, so another future experience will be, instead of ushers tearing tickets they’ll be scanning them through a chip inserted on your left hand that is connected to all your financial data that includes the football game ticket you bought online. This will also ensure security since this very same chip has your social data too.
  3. Instead of having vendors all over the stadium, here will have printing station small enough to minimize space usage. These printers will be printing the snacks of your choice.
  4. To reduce movement, VIP stadium chairs will have installed digital pads that will help a fan choose a snack of his choice whereby a meal box will automatically appear on the other side of his comfortable arm chair.
  5. Players will be wearing custom made earpieces that will help a coach share comments with them but also send positive affirmation to each player throughout the game.
  6. Have robots for referees with 60 different image sensors, doesn’t have to turn its head to pick up a images and make a call. For the sake of culture, there might be one holographic referee in augmented reality keeping a look on the ball as much as possible.
  7. Footballers will be practicing at the comfort of their environment in augmented reality with robots - machines that are infinitely more athletic and intelligent (much better practice partners) than tackling dummies and blocking sleds.
  8. Sponsorship kits will be digital, just like LEDs that already exist in stadiums changing sponsors throughout the game so will the player jerseys and shoes be. This giving a player chances to have more than five sponsors.



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