Why Diamond failed to attend Queen Darleen’s wedding

Tuesday December 10 2019


Dar es Salaam. Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen is off the shelf, however, in a rather controversial fashion her celebrity brother didn’t attend her wedding.

Queen Darleen, who is signed to his WCB label, has refuted claims that she was hurriedly married because she is pregnant.

The 34-year-old singer wedded her husband Isihaka Mtoro as a second wife,  a week ago at a private Islamic wedding which was not attended by Diamond.

The ceremony is said to have been kept very simple and without much funfair as is the norm has been with WCB events.

Several local blogs have reported that Queen Darleen hurriedly married Isihaka after learning that she was pregnant with her second baby and hence wanted to avoid embarrassment, claims she refutes.

At the time of the wedding Diamond was out of Tanzania for performance gigs in Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau.


Queen Darleen has revealed that Diamond wanted to have the wedding postpone until he returned but she convinced his brother to give her his blessing and go on with the wedding as she had planned.

The mother of one teenager daughter says she had been dating her husband for more than a year before they decided to wed.

Queen Darleen and Diamond share a father Abdul Naseeb.