Lagos to Dar: Is this the ‘real’ Kizz Daniel?

What you need to know:

  • It's been a chaotic week for Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel and his Tanzanian fans. But, behind the event upset lies a trend that the 'Buga' star is becoming known for. The Beat digs into the archives.

Should Tanzanians forego today’s show from Nigerian Afropop star Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe aka Kizz Daniel, following his ‘no-show’ performance last Sunday?

It could happen! You buy a ticket to a concert a few months in advance and come the day, you’re stuck in the office or at home, blurred with a pile of files and house chores and unable to leave the house. Or maybe you just forgot, had a long week running family errands.

But there’s a general rule that if you’re the one actually on the stage, paid or made some kind of agreements then you should probably turn up to the show.

But seems the ‘Buga star’ didn’t get the memo for the fourth time, something that caused a stir for Buga fans.

Kizz Daniel is currently on his which sold out in Uganda on Saturday, August 8. He was to perform in Tanzania’s bustling city of Dar es Salaam before heading to Rwanda on Saturday, August 13.

“Call a spade a spade, he should fix himself up,” commented one fan on Twitter reacting to Kizz Daniel’s apology video to his fans for failing to show up at the Summer Amplified concert at the WareHouse arena on Sunday August 8.

“None of this was international I love my fans, I love my job. I love performing, I am a great entertainer, it was beyond my power, I am really sorry,” pleaded Afropop star at a press conference at Johari Rotana in Dar city centre.

Despite his apology and a promise to perform this Friday, fans are still debating about his recent trends where the Nigerian star constantly finds himself in hot water due to his late appearances or unexpected cancellations.

“None of Kizz Daniel excuses will make sense to me, business is business. Not him cooking up excuses…if you won’t render the services then make refund,” comments Ishmael Azanah

Kizz Daniel has been on trend for all the wrong reasons with some of his fans including his manager Paul Okoye revisiting a number of times the Buga singer has showed similar behaviors.

After the incident, Paul Okoye posted a face-palming emoji on his Instagram account to his more than three hundred thousand followers.

However, Kizz’ shows are extraordinary to the point where everyone praises him for the way he creates the songs for the performance to his audience. But sometimes he makes things worse when the next version starts to appear.

In 2019 at Oakland, Kizz Daniel was called out for failing to show up at his ‘No Bad Songz’, concert due to some trouble with plane delay.

Reports suggested that the singer missed multiple flights, and consequently missed the show because he woke up late.

Recently on July 6, in DMV, New York, the singer made the DJ spend almost 30 minutes playing his songs instead of singing, but managed to perform after apologizing countless times.

Apart from selling live downloads, live shows is traditionally one of the best way musicians make money. One bags millions in a day to just perform live in house concerts, universities, music festivals and even private events.

Thus, fans always filled with rage once an artiste is paid to perform and fails to show up.

Like Kizz Daniel’s case, Kodak Black, a famous rapper whose music career has been tainted with quite a lot of jail terms was accused by a concert promoter named Nicholas Fitts, who filed a law suit against the popular rapper for allegedly skipping out on several shows which he booked him for.

Peaches hit maker, Justin Bieber in 2013 was two hours late for a show at London’s O2 Arena which took to the stage at 10.30 pm.

“The artiste is the one who needs to be keen about his show and performance because it is his/her reputation on the line…Managers usually stand as middle men between promoter and the artiste,” says Godfrey Abel, Bando MC’s manager

In most cases an artiste fails to live up his end of the bargain mostly when payment was not paid in full.

A few months ago, Uno hit maker, Harmonize, was arrested in Nairobi for allegedly failing to perform at several clubs despite having been paid upfront, something which he disputed.

The Konde gang CEO claimed he was supposed to only make appearance and not perform. The air was then cleared by his host Kenyan comedian, Eric Omond after Harmonize spent a few hours in police custody.

Another Nigerian singer Timaya failed to perform at the same Warehouse venue in Dar es Salaam where Kizz Daniel was scheduled to perform. Reports suggest that Timaya didn’t receive the amount of money he was promised to be given.

Dar receives quite a number of artistes from around the continent, especially Nigeria, who command a rising number of fans in East Africa.

Their performances have been ranked among some of the best due to their trending songs all over the world.

However, when it comes to the character of some of these celebrated artistes, it is clear that not all that glitters is gold.