Kizz Daniel apologises, now to perform on Friday

Kizz Daniel aplogises, now to perform on Friday

Dar es Salaam.  Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has apologised to his Tanzanian fans after he failed to show up at a concert organised in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

At a press conference held at Johari Rotana Hotel, the Nigerian singer said Tanzanians and those who flew in from neighbouring countries will get to see him perform on Friday, August 12.

Kizz held the joint press conference with the event organizers Str8up vibes where he explained the ciecumstances that led to him missing the show.

"I had performed in Uganda on August 6 and was told by my agency in Nigeria that the Tanzanian promoter (Str8Up) had booked a flight for me to go to Dar to perform on August 7. I left Uganda at 6am on August 7 to make my way to the airport. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for  an hour and when I got to Nairobi my connecting flight had left, so I had to spend 8 hours in Kenya."

He adds:I finally left Nairobi at 8:45pm on the event day and was scheduled to perform at 3:00am. I got to Dar at around midnight, but we realised that our bags that had our gears and some equipment for the performance were mispalced by the airline, so we contacted the airline and they promised we would have the bags in time for the show.

When I got to the hotel I decided that I would perform regardless. So we contacted some Tanzanian stylists and I sent my band to the event venue for sound check. The band couldn't do the sound check because fans were already at the venue.

He says that even with such hitches he was still confide t that show would go on.

"As we were still figuring things out, there were also some issues that needed to be sorted out with my agency. So we were solving them on the sides. In the end I said even if I have to perform wearing slippers I will still go and put on a show for my fans.
I was preparing to go to the venue I was informed that things were already getting wild and that the venue was no longer a safe place for me. So we decided I should stay back and we will issue a statement in the morning.

Unfortunately, in the morning things were already taken out of proportion and the police had come to my hotel to take me in for questioning regarding the vandalism. Just to be clear, I wasn't arrested."