A more consolidated telecoms sector ensures a continuation of steady investment into the sector

Wednesday January 08 2020
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Mobile telecommunication has become part and parcel of our daily lives and most Tanzanians can’t live without. During the past decade, Tanzania’s telecoms sector has witnessed a period of considerable growth, increased investment and rapid technological progress.

In this time, the country’s operators have leveraged recent growth by providing customers with reliable and an innovative service which has transformed Tanzania’s digital landscape.

As such, the sector has also become one of the most dynamic and innovative marketplaces in Sub-Saharan Africa - having become a regional leader in mobile enabled applications in areas including payments, insurance and health.

Experts say It is important to reflect on how these changes are having a real and lasting impact on the everyday lives of Tanzanian people. For instance, increased mobile penetration is increasing employment and social development for a wide range of people from individual customers to local businesses as well as governmental organisations.

While the country’s telecoms sector continues to develop, there is more to be done to ensure this vital sector continues to deliver the services we need.

And indeed, moves are already underway to improve investment opportunities. For example, in November it was announced that two operators, Tigo and Zantel, would combine their operations to bring together the strengths and services of both companies.


Deals such as these, are hugely important and necessary.

A more consolidated sector ensures the continuation of steady investment into the sector as companies create bigger margins that can be re-invested into their services.

This will help foster future growth and ensure mobile providers continue to offer innovative solutions to their customers.

As 2020 dawns and we approach a new decade, let us hope that Tanzania’s recent telecom achievements are just the beginning – and that with continued support, the sector’s future potential remains even greater.