Friday November 13 2020
Chui pic

We live in a world of connections and sometimes it depends on who you know to gain certain accesses in life. Chui wa Konekshen is that GUY!

He has what we call ‘insider’ access. He knows what’s happening both online and offline, where & when the next BITE party is going to be and can grant you access to exclusive Bite deals and experiences you would only get through interactions with him.

Speaking of deals, he just gave us Intel that there is a Buy 7 at 10,000 TZS Serengeti Lite offer. All you need to do is attend any of the Weekly, Weekend and Monthly Bite parties that are taking place across the regions, so far the parties have been in Dar-es-salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Moshi, Dodoma and Mbeya.

Another juicy piece of Intel from Chui wa Konekshen – there is a #ChuiWaMiyeyusho challenge that is ongoing. For the talented individuals of comedy, he would like to connect you with Chui wa Miyeyusho who has different weekly prizes for those that catch his attention. What’s more, he has 1 Million TZS waiting for the grand finale winner. Yes, you read that right, 1 Million TZS.

Here is how you can participate;

  • STEP ONE - record a short video clip of yourself cracking your best jokes, make sure the content is appealing to all and does not offend anyone in any way.
  • STEP TWO - Post the video on social media using #SerebukaWithEveryBite and ofcourse tag @serengetipremiumlite and @coy_mzungu  
  • STEP THREE – get as many friends and family you can get to like your video submission

By now you know, Chui wa Konekshen is determined to keep the entertainment coming your way. In fact, those who have met him in person, say that he really knows what it means to Serebuka with Every Bite. His full of life personality and on the spot ‘Six pack rewards’ are definitely a crowd pleaser.

When you have a moment, visit his page @Mx_carter on Instagram and enjoy the unique & most times funny videos of him & Chui wa Facts enjoying a BITE moment in different occasions.

Now that you know what Chui wa Konekshen is all about, do you see yourself inviting him to your group of friends as you continue to Serebuka with Every bite?

Stay tuned to the Serengeti Premium Lite pages as well as the hashtag #SerebukaWithEveryBite on social media for more updates