Firm goes for new advert chances

Wednesday January 19 2022
Advert data
By Gadiosa Lamtey

Dar es Salaam. A new company that deals in mobile billboards, Formula 360 Ltd, is targeting the untapped potential of Tanzania’s market of digital solution products.

The two-year old company, which is 100 percent owned by young Tanzanians, has employed 7 people directly and over 50 indirectly.

Company’s managing director Fey Mallonga said apart from increasing employment the company also seeks to show people the opportunities that exist in innovative mobile advertising so that they can grab them.

The company is currently working with the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC), the Dar es Salaam Rapid Transport (Dart) and other private companies to brand the Bus Rapid Transit system as well as trains and tricycles.

Moving billboards help to deliver the massage all over the town thus giving the client mass audience exposure. “The BRT advertising for instance is an effective and cost-efficient means. It offers a great way to reach the urban audience,” she said.

“For instance, BRT buses ferry 400,000 passengers in 16 trips which means a large number of people can see the advertisement,” she said.


The company’s creative director, Mr Stephen Mokiwa said currently, the main focus was on satisfying the domestic market before thinking about going regional.

According to her, the benefit of moving billboards is to deliver the massage all over the town which helps to reach mass audience. For example on BRT advertising is an effective and cost efficient from of outdoor advertising. It officers a great way to reach the urban audience.
She added that Tanzanians should expect new innovative products. “We are in the process of launching a bus TV because it can carry large number of people at once, there are many opportunities as the companies will see the value of their products.”
For his part, company creative director Mr Stephen Mokiwa said at the moment the main focus is to satisfy the domestic market which has many opportunities after which will open the doors to other countries, “We are in a competitive market but our services are more digital and innovative.”
In addition to the moving billboards its measurable, in other means of advertise like rapid bus which takes more than 200 people per single trip it is easy for a company owner to see the value of the money as mass audience can see.