Diamond Platnumz opens up why Nigeria's stage isn't on his radar

Diamond Platnumz. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • "Nigerians have a habit of underestimating you even though they know your power," says Diamond.

In the pulsating heart of Africa's music industry, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz shines brightly, his stardom a beacon of success and ambition.

Yet, despite his magnetic allure and global acclaim, there's one stage conspicuously absent from his tour itinerary: Nigeria.

At a recent press conference, Diamond outlined the reasons behind this glaring omission. 

"Nigerians have a habit of underestimating you even though they know your power," he asserts, his tone firm yet reflective. 

Adds, "So when a show comes up, I say, ‘I want this much, if you don’t want to, I won’t go.' That’s it, short and clear."

For Diamond, strategic planning is the cornerstone of his ascent. With a deliberate focus on conquering Africa first, he's meticulously crafted a musical empire that reverberates from Addis Ababa to Conakry. 

"My team and I collaborated to ensure that when I perform in any African country, it feels like I’m in Tanzania because I can fill stadiums," he shares, his pride palpable.

But beyond the continent's borders lies a realm of untapped potential: the global stage. Diamond elucidated the careful calculus required for this leap, juxtaposing it against the trajectory of his predecessors. 

He emphasises, "Transitioning from Africa to the world requires planning. We focused on Africa’s success, while they built a global presence."

However, Diamond's gaze isn't fixed solely on the horizon, it's also cast on the currents shaping Africa's musical landscape. 

With a discerning eye, he noted the current dominance of South African tunes on the global airwaves, highlighting the challenges faced by their West African counterparts.

Yet, amidst these reflections, Diamond's vision remains resolute that Tanzanian music can go global, given the right support and networks. 

Citing the success of his track "Shu" as a testament, he underscored the importance of perseverance in the face of scepticism.

Yet, the path to international acclaim isn't without its obstacles. Diamond lamented the dearth of Tanzanian presence at global shows, contrasting it with the robust turnout of West African expatriates.

"You have to rely on people from other countries to attend the show," he ruefully observes, pointing to the familial advantage enjoyed by West African artistes abroad.

Despite the challenges, Diamond remains undeterred. As he prepares to grace the stage at a major concert in Dar es Salaam, organized by Serengeti Lite, his resolve burns brighter than ever.

For Diamond Platnumz, the journey is far from over—it's a symphony in motion, each note resonating with the promise of a global crescendo.