Over 135 suspected ‘Panya Road’ criminals arrested in Dar

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  • In these four days, the police were able to seize various stolen items including 23 televisions and 135 suspects who are under investigation.

Dar es Salaam. Around 135 suspected members of criminal gang ‘Panya Road’ have been arrested within four days in an operation that kicked off last week in the city.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Amos Makalla said that upon their arrest and interrogation it has been found out that the gang leaders had served several sentences in prisons.

Makalla said that the arrested juvenile criminals famously known as ‘Panya Road' who were attacking households and people on streets range between 14 and 30 years old.

“The police stations that were being closed by 6pm now will be working 24 hours, the police shall not sleep and cooperate with the citizens,” explained Makalla

He added: In these four days, we have been able to seize various stolen items including 23 televisions and 135 suspects have been taken into custody who are still under investigations.

He further said: I announced on September 15 that we have deployed 300 more police officers, but these gangs did not listen and went to try and stage a robbery around Makongo and Ubungo.

According to the RC Five big buyers of stolen items have also been arrested.

He said that the regional defense and security committee has met and set a strategy and that from now on all police stations will work for 24 hours.

"Each ward will have a patrol vehicle, security will be strengthened and every district will have a meeting in the first week of the month to discuss the issue of security and protection," said Makalla.