TCRA suspends Mwananchi’s online license for Six months

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania Communication Regulatory  Authority (TCRA) through its content monitoring committee has suspended the Mwananchi Newspaper online content delivery license for six months,  and in addition, ordering the publication to pay a fine of Sh5 million.

This, according to the authority, is after Mwananchi Newspaper violated the Electronic and Postal (Online Content) Regulations of 2018.

"The move has been reached after it became clear that on April 13, 2020, through the Mwananchi Newspaper' social networking pages published misleading information that caused confusion in the community," reads part of the statement.

After listening to and reflecting on the defense provided by the leadership of Mwananchi, the statement says, the content committee was satisfied that Mwananchi newspaper through its social networking pages had violated the Electronic and Postal Communication regulations.

"As a result the committee has suspended Mwananchi newspaper online content delivery for six months. The newspaper will also pay a fine of Sh5 million to TCRA on the same," the statement signed by the executive director -TCRA further instructed.

The statement says that failure to do so, the authority will take further actions without necessarily informing Mwananchi.