Sunday June 06 2021
Covid19 pic
By The Citizen Reporter

Following the latest report handed to President Samia Suluhu Hassan yesterday, on how Tanzania can start implementing the Covid-19 combating measures that were presented to the president last month, Tanzania should now keep the Covid-19 fight momentum up by not letting the foot off the gas.

With each passing day, the virus takes a new leap and infects more and more people. Unfortunately, as it is known, Tanzania is one among only 6 countries in the world that are yet to accept the coronavirus vaccine. The government needs to work on this as a matter of urgency. All signs indicate positive results in the big dilemma that has lingered for months on whether vaccines will be brought into Tanzania, or not.

Additionally, the need to keep the momentum up comes at the height of acute attrition of the vaccine globally. Developed countries that have the capability to develop the vaccine have held monopoly over its distribution, leading to scarcity elsewhere, mostly affecting developing countries, especially African countries.

Now, with the government on the verge of accepting vaccines to be rolled out nation-wide, we need to move at a swift pace, but with caution in order to ensure that even though we are in desperate need of vaccination against the virus, we shouldn’t be impetuous when monitoring the quality of the vaccine, and most importantly deciding which vaccine to use.

The special committee of experts chaired by Prof Said Aboud has done a tremendous job in researching the coronavirus and eventually providing a way forward that would avert the extreme cases of health collapse that we have all witnessed happening around the world.

But, as the Health Ministry embarks on a strategy that would counter the virus from spreading in Tanzania, the liberty that one has to decide whether or not to use the vaccine should be maintained. It is widely known that not everyone is on board when it comes to the issue of a Covid-19 vaccine being brought into the country, as such, it is important to acknowledge their standing by not forcing them to take the vaccine.


Still a long way to go

The road ahead is still very long. The coronavirus keeps evolving, with new variants being detected every now and then. This poses a great risk to Tanzania and the rest of the world. It means that as the virus mutates, we as a human race need to be a step ahead by inventing effective preventive measures that will curb the virus.

It is great to see that Tanzania has now joined the rest of the world in this crucial fight against the pandemic that has already claimed the lives of millions of people globally.

Now more than ever we need to stay united as a United Republic. It is encouraging to see that from mainland Tanzania all the way to Zanzibar we are united in thought and strategy when it comes to combating the coronavirus. This spirit of coordination and togetherness is one of the traits that will see us emerge victorious against Covid-19. Let us collaborate with the global community in this novel fight against one of the deadliest viruses in the history of mankind.

Once again, the special expert committee that has recommended these logical measures to the president should be hailed for a job well done!