Celebrating 50 years of Brahma Kumaris’ exalted services in Tanzania

There is something for everyone offered at the Brahma Kumaris, whether it is meditation or retreats, conferences, seminars, dialogues, fairs, counseling, research. Pick up the area of your interest and know what is in for you.

Sister Lalita in a group photo with other Brahma Kumaris leaders at the exhibition in Zanzibar on positive change.

At the heart of Brahma Kumaris teachings is the foundation course in Raja Yoga Meditation.

This course provides a practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter.in addition to Raja Yoga Meditation courses, run other courses and workshops on personal development.

Arusha Science Boarding School.

The content and presentation may vary according to country, culture and local facilities. Courses include: overcoming anger, positive thinking, self-esteem, stress free living, and inner values.

In Africa, Sister Vedanti, a woman of vision, is the regional director of the Brahma kumaris.in 1974 she accepted the challenge to come to Africa, to establish centres of meditation and spiritual learning.

Sister Dharti visited Brainy Hero's Boy Boarding School in Arusha for personality development.

In Africa, Brahma Kumaris initiated many Projects such as: Serve Africa in 2004, Write to God in 2012, Pause for peace in 2018, -- and now celebrate 50 years of serving in Africa with the theme "Love, Peace, Unity- Key to Success.”

Om Shanti Brahma Kumaris is a women-led spiritual organisation, spread across 137 countries in five continents, with 9000 service centres committed to world renewal through spiritual empowerment of individuals.

Our services are philanthropic and open to all irrespective of nationality, religion, caste, creed, color, gender etc. We are designated official representatives of the United Nations, working as an NGO in general consultative status with the ECOSOC & UNICEF.

Sister Dharti visited Arusha Science School for mental health awareness.

In Tanzania, Brahma Kumaris Centre was established in 1993 in Dar es Salaam, and since then we have been giving our services throughout Tanzania. We have two branches in Tanzania, one in Dar es Salaam and the other one is in Arusha.

In Arusha, the Centre was established in 2018. Thousands of people are benefited by these spiritual teachings and courses. Services are offered in different places in Tanzania.

Brahma Kumaris in Tanzania has served in hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, youth organisations, women organisations, orphanages, police stations, fire stations, institutions, factories, companies and also individuals.