The benefits galore of TAWA’s Kilombero Game Reserve

Sheshe (Puku) found in the Kilombero Game Reserve are the rarest animal species in the world.

The Kilombero Game Reserve has been divided from the Kilombero Game Controlled Area that was established in 1952 through the Government Notice no. 107 and effective on February 17, 2023, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, announced to upgrade the Kilombero Game Reserve the Government Notice no. 64 issued on February 17, 2023.

This milestone was marked by recognizing the importance of conservation, according to the Tanzanian Wildlife Act 283 section 14 (1).

This game covers nearly 6,989.30 square kilometers within Malinyi, Ulanga and Kilombero districts, in the Morogoro Basin managed by the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA).

There are many benefits to be tapped from the TAWA-led Kilombero Game Reserve in Morogoro Region.

Economic importance

A large section of the Kilombero River falls within the Kilombero Game Reserve, which is estimated to have the potential to contribute to the power generation of more than 2,100 Megawatts in the coveted Rufiji Hydropower project.

In addition, this river accounts for approximately 65 percent of the water of Rufiji. This forest is also vital for photo tourism and hunting.

Fishing is one of the most important economic activities in the Kilombero Game Reserve for people dwelling on the outskirts of the forest to get an alternative income as well as contributing to the revenue of the Kilombero and Ulanga districts.

With that in mind, Tawa has authorized sustainable fishing to people living on the edge of the Kilombero Forest Reserve through special permits to increase income for the community and maintain good relations between the people and conservationists.

Ecological importance

This area is a shelter and refuge for wildlife during the dry seasons and also has rare wildlife such as Sheshe (Kobus vardonii). It is estimated that 75 percent of the Sheshe population in the world is found in the Kilombero Game Reserve, which is on the list of endangered animal species in the world.

Within the Kilombero Game Reserve there are approximately 400 species of birds, 23 types of fish including sardines (Citharinus congicus and Alestes stuhlmanni) some of which travel between the Rufiji Delta and the Kilombero Reserve in a breeding cycle.

Corridor between it and other protected areas including the Udzungwa Mountains Park, Nyerere National Park, Mikumi, Iluma Community Park, Udzungwa Forest (Uzungwa Nature Reserve) and other surrounding forests.

Due to its natural wetland vegetation rich in natural resources, especially forests and rare wildlife, the Kilombero Forest Reserve is part of the Kilombero Basin, which received an international conservation status in 2002 through the Ramser Convention.

Fish products found in Kilombero Game Reserve.


In marking the World Wildlife Day, Tawa applauds the decision taken by President Samia Suluhu Hassan to upgrade the Kilombero Game Reserve. This decision is effective for conservation and the nation at large.